The grade obtained in subjects where applicants sit both a written and an oral test is an arithmetical average of the two marks rounded to the nearest tenth of a mark commercial rounding rule. English key words relating to the grades; d. The deadlines relating to the assignment and submission of the thesis. Master s Degree Ordinance. It is for the Head of Programme to decide the relevance.

Master s Degree Ordinance. Profile Students seeking management. The compulsory subjects and criteria for fulfilling the elective compulsory subjects are contained in the accompanying list of modules. We are a sharing community. It is a matter for the Heads of Programme whether to apply transitional provisions should the change to the new requirements constitute an unreasonable burden. Profile Students seeking management More information. Their assessment is based on the written thesis and the student’s oral defence of it.

In this event, calculation of the grade for the entrance examination is based on tests 2 to 5. The procedure relating to the choice of assignment.

fhnw hsw bachelor thesis

It is solely for information purposes and has no legal validity. This English translation serves information purposes only and has no legal force. Such evidence must be submitted without solicitation within one month of the commencement of studies. Requirements for graduating from the degree programme. In this case, any ensuing transfer to a different programme is conditional upon passing the relevant assessment stage in the English-language programme.

In line with the learning agreement, at least one semester must have been spent abroad unless special dispensation was obtained from the Head of Programme, e. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Curriculum for Master of Science in. The Head of Programme has discretion in this matter.


[PDF] Regulations governing the bachelor`s degree programmes – Free Download PDF

For any case of legal proceedings. The master’s thesis has been submitted at the FHNW and has been awarded a grade of 4.

fhnw hsw bachelor thesis

If the list of modules is changed, and with it the requirements for successfully bacgelor the programme, the new list applies to all students. The allocation of places in the event of the imposition of admission restrictions does not include the right to study at a particular site. If there is any inconsistency or.

Curriculum for the Master’s degree programme in International Management Curriculum for the Master’s degree programme in “International Management” Table of contents 1 General Technology, Business and Design dated Master’s degree 2 years Offered by: The subjects, types and duration of the tests that constitute the admission examination are as follows: In the first semester. Curriculum for the Master’s Programme in Economics Curriculum for the Master’s Programme in Economics At its meeting on 20 June the Senate approved the version of the Curriculum for the master’s programme in Economics, which was resolved on 27 May More information.

fhnw hsw bachelor thesis

The master’s thesis must be submitted no later than five months after receiving the go-ahead. Study, Internship, and Examination Regulations. Profile description for Health Care Management and Economics Enclosure to the curriculum for the Master of Science in Economics Odense 1 af 8 This profile description is an enclosure to the curriculum.

Applicants applying for a programme instructed in English may, on request, be excused from the German — Communication section of the entrance exam. Programme Schedule This Programme Schedule applies to: The master’s thesis is a compulsory module, wherein students demonstrate their ability to deliver an assignment involving applied research in a manner bachleor is autonomous, methodologically sound and technically correct.


Admission to and conduct of the entrance examination b.

Regulations governing the bachelor`s degree programmes

Pursuant to a decision by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SBFI — formerly BTTholders of a Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence and those graduating from a Swiss Fachmittelschule without a baachelor baccalaureate are not eligible for the entrance exam, but must first obtain the relevant vocational or professional baccalaureate. If no evidence of professional experience is forthcoming at the time of the decision on admission, yet there are good grounds for believing that such evidence will be forthcoming to the extent required, the decision can be taken and a place reserved on the programme.

Accountancy Exceptions 6 7 8 Written test Oral test 90 min. All student assignments, including the bachelor’s thesis, have been successfully completed in English. The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies hereafter, the Institute awards five disciplinary master s degrees.

Admission requirements More information.

The German version is the legally binding document. Objectives The evolution of contemporary business has resulted in a new marketing perspective to address consumer needs and demands.