Also advise and mentor students, and conduct research in such topics as online journalism, virtual reality journalism, diasporic media, comparative English grammar, citizen journalism, and social media Aug. That reaction filled me with both delight and trepidation. The good, the bad, and the ugly of our online world pp. Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization. That was a brilliant and masterful defense. D University of Louisiana at Lafayette M.

Sc Bayero University B. English and Political Science Degree class: One of 7 KSU professors who wrote and delivered a video series on global challenges. Marxist theory of the media or theory of the media by Marxists? A comparison of Nigerian, American and British English. Upper Second Class honors.

When I understood what a Ph. How one university used virtual worlds to tell true stories. Views Read Edit View disaertation. Responsible For investigative news reporting and writing, and copyediting.

Notes From Atlanta: 03/05/11

Well, perhaps, my excitement was tempered by the overpoweringly wistful memories of my late wife that welled up in me. Articles with short description Disxertation with hCards.


Each time I came tops in my class, he would always boast that I would never stop until I got a Ph. The evolution and challenges of online journalism in Nigeria.

Farooq Kperogi

Sifted through a pile of applications, interviewed dissertxtion virtually and in person, and recommended a candidate. English and Political Science Degree class: He also taught at Ahmadu Bello UniversityZaria for brief time in Since when I signed up for Facebook, none of my status updates has elicited as many contagiously enthusiastic responses as this one.

Louisiana State University ; Prof. As a former journalist, Kperogi had been a reporter and news editor at many Nigerian newspapers including the Daily TrustDaily Triumph and the now defunct New Nigerian. March 30 BarutenKwara StateNigeria.

farooq kperogi dissertation

Participated in Summer Commencement on Ffarooq 29, Tough Love to People with Tough Luck: Posted by Farooq A. Without her encouragement and blessing, it would certainly have been impossible for me to achieve this. Retrieved from ” https: One of 7 KSU professors who wrote and delivered a video series on global challenges.

farooq kperogi dissertation

Mentored Sunil Pokhrel, a Ph. Journal of Communications Media Studies, 7, Georgia State University Ph.


University of Texas at Austin ; Prof. That reaction filled me with both delight and trepidation.

farooq kperogi dissertation

Journal of Communication Inquiry, online-first edition, COM —Communication Theory, 1 x 9. Remember me on this computer.

Why Buhari is wildly popular in the Muslim North, Farooq Kperogi

Also reviewed and recommended part-time faculty for the part-time distinguished teaching award. It at once reminded me of her mom and the fact that I, after all, had a reason to cherish my accomplishment. Retrieved 6 October Farooq Adamu Kperogi bornis a Nigerian academic, media scholarpublic speaker and newspaper columnist.

But this crowning accomplishment kprrogi my graduate studies in America has stirred mixed emotions in me. But he never stopped to remind me that he wanted me to get the Ph.