Information on the registration process and deadlines may be found here. Determination of bundles and individual SWNT as well as their chiral indices and quality. Thermal actuators for suspended carbon nanotube resonators. Focus Projects start in the Fall Semester. Additional compulsory courses are assessed through examination blocks which are held during examination sessions. Development of well- defined catalyst nanoparticles utilizing apoferritin nano-bio-cages for synthesis of SWNTs with tailored characteristics. They start with a selection of scientific papers to continue literature research or with design and fabrication of a demonstrator from one of our microsystems.

The Electives of the current semester are published in the Course Catalogue: Credit points are only awarded when an entire examination block has been passed. Stephanie Schlatter, former doctoral student of Prof. This prize is awarded every two years for the best dissertation on Engine Combustion Technologies in the German-speaking countries, which means Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You choose courses from the course catalogue based on the following criteria:

The student has to present their project and the working-plan will be discussed. In addition, students are taught the methodology required to conduct research in the disciplines of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

Konrad Wegener Mechatronics, Fokus-Coordinator: Subjects for the thesis are listed by the D-MAVT professors, or, alternatively, may be individually agreed upon. Completed first year examinations Completed additional first year courses Completed examination blocks 1 and 2 It is strongly recommended to only begin the Bachelor’s Thesis if credit points have been achieved.

Vachelor courses in the first year In addition to the compulsory courses in the first year, the following courses must thfsis be completed: Nicolas Noiray and Dr. Izabela Kuder, doctoral student in Prof.


Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering – Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | ETH Zurich

Students can also suggest their own projects, however they must be supported and supervised by an ETH Zurich professor. Tax ety to support teaching A student, a doctoral student and a professor of D-MAVT explain how a sustainable teaching project emerged from the ETH initiative to reduce air travel. Teams of 3 to mavtt students work during two semesters on the realisation of a product.

Your task would be to investigate the correlations of flicker noise for a CNT and develop new signal processing schemes, which achieves an improved signal to noise ratio.

eth bachelor thesis mavt

David Harsch, a Master student in Prof. Roland Siegwart was honored in the category “Researchers”. Digitalswitzerland has elected the most influential Swiss citizens in the area of digitalization, the Digital Shapers Confirmation that the external institution agrees to be bound by the provisions of ETH Zurich rules.

The presentation maavt and report deadline have to be arranged in this meeting. Ivo Leibacher from Prof.

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The supervisor establishes the conditions for the Bachelor’s Thesis. It encourages students to develop, enhance and demonstrate their methodological abilities and to independently tackle and solve research problems. Process Technology and Integration Lecturers: It is recommended to complete three Electives in the fourth semester and three others in the fifth semester.

Besides acquiring new knowledge, they also gain soft skills and practise teamwork and work organisation. During Laboratory Practice the students learn about measuring methods, use of the appropriate equipment and their practical use in research.


Expected effort is 5 hours per week during the semester including report, poster preparation. Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search.

Honors and awards – Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | ETH Zurich

In the fourth and fifth semesters, students will be offered various opportunities for Laboratory Practice. Determination of bundles and individual SWNT as well as their chiral indices and quality. The international award committee emphasized its particularly high appreciation for Prof. Development of a toolchain based on COMSOL and Matlab to simulate the modulation of charge transport in carbon nanotube sensors due to mechanical or chemical effects.

In the third year, students choose a Focus Specialization or a Focus Project. In the Science in Perspective SiP courses, students learn to understand and critically question the correlations between scientific knowledge, technological innovations, cultural contexts, individuals and society.

Siegwarts group, and Dr. Only in this way can students make the most of courses which ETH Zurich offer and receive full support from their home university. Understanding, modeling and reducing flicker noise by exploiting correlations existent in this type of stochastic processes. To request an extension to the submission deadline for your thesis, please fill out the following form and submit the form and all required documents either by email or by post to D-MAVT Student administration.