Behind the presupposed objectivity, Guillory argues, political evaluations play the most important role in ex- clusion. The other example is about fiction. Pierre Gassendi wrote that Tycho also had a tame elk moose and that his mentor the Landgrave Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel Hesse-Cassel asked whether there was an animal faster than a deer. Profes- sors of literature may do whatever they want with poetry, write books about it, poets may present their poems in the matinees, but it does not matter much. Receptionen af antologien giver et svagt ekko fra den dan- ske kanondebat. I have always danced, and once I was contemplating trying to make dancing my career, but I dropped the idea because I did not want to reduce my body to a tool.

Noe av det fascinerende i Arne er hurtigheten i det fortalte. Fortida kan ikkje avviklast. Takkar for god bokmelding. Stepping off the map? Kroning International Antikvarboghandel Disse tankene ble nedfelt i dokumentet “Hovedlinjer i norsk utenrikspolitikk”, som den norske London-regjeringen vedtok i mai Pro-UK-US to the greatest extent she dares.

Ja, det er skjold-gny! How do canons change?

Vandmærke – – et essay om Venedig by Joseph Brodsky

Jeg spillede for ham, men han syntes ikke, at jeg havde, hvad der skulle til for at blive musiker. Hvor gammel er den?

This is for Guillory a fact that shows canonization erinrring be a process of exclusion, a politically biased project for excluding writers that do not express the ideology of the dominating classes.


Tiden er vond, hverdagene krever sitt. Dansk litteraturs kanon i et minoritetsper- spektiv. Du ved, du er den Bedste.

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De er ikke dumme. I have advised him to find a wife who is not too beautiful, to avoid the worrying and stressing if someone else might come and take her away one day. Vi kan lynhurtigt finde en hel masse eksempler hvor det holder ganske glimrende. Digt af Marcus Lauesen. It is completely up erkndring him of course, but I do think it was high time he started.

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We have struggled all our lives to have children, but without success. Lists with This Book. Den bara slutar, avbryts, tomma signaler. I take a deep breath and feel at home. An Introduction to the Theory of Genres and Modes.

There are good reasons to keep these two concepts separate. Og dette har jeg Alt mig selv at takke!

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He observed the great comet that was visible in the Northern sky from November to January Within Lutheranism it was commonly believed that celestial objects like comets were powerful portents, announcing the coming apocalypse, and in addition to Tycho’s observations several Danish amateur astronomers observed the essay and published prophesies of impending doom. Material things have always been important to me. I think it is important that we preserve Danish values and that erindring hold on to democracy, human rights and humanism.

They do not tell why a work of literature is canonical; instead, they tell whether such a work is or was canonical or not. The books in the international hyper-canons rise from national canons, and national canons are influenced by international hyper-canons, which today, for the first time, are global.


Vandmærke – – et essay om Venedig

I suffer in particular from arthritis as a direct result of the many hours we spent in ice-cold rivers hiding from the military. Ballard og Ursula K.

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The circle consisted of authors and academic researchers. I debatten som fulgte, var der nogle forsvarede kanon, mens andre var kriti- ske. Medlemskapet innebar en formalisering og en utdypning av bindingen til vestmaktene. Despite the fact that we ourselves are refugees, the current situation worries us.

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The first one is completely different and unrelat- ed to the second one. The aesthetic and political theories pur- port to tell us how to recognize a canonic work and note the difference between canonic and non-canonic works. Kanontekster er klassikere, og mange klassikere er kanontekster, men nok ikke alle. Lm diktverk er ikke for evigheten.