The Institute imparts guidance at New Delhi only. Information Handouts Courses General Books list. I did a selective study from this book. However, it is not worth the money. Just click the link to search. I wrote that if one is working as per the rules and adhering to the spirit of the act, then there will be less scope for misuse.

Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic. Narayan Murthy where he had reflected on the difference between education systems in India and other tech giant countries. Now Other General Expenses: You can create such repository of questions by looking at the previous year papers. Answered Jul 3, Free acoustic guitar Essays and Papers wordsAcoustic guitar research paper – Custom Paper Writing Help essay classes vajiram Acoustic guitar research paper.

Please do practice few essays before you sit for the final exam. The Institute was founded in by Professor P. The programme consists of 4 classes, 2 Mock interviews and a personal sitting session. More From This User Skip carousel. Answered Feb 18, The main interview programmes begin a week after the Main exam results are announced. Therefore prepare one or two diagrams for each topic beforehand. How does a day go at Vajiram and Ravi?

Express yourself in the paper- I feel ethics paper gives you the best chance to express yourself and show your personality.


essay classes vajiram

For example- ina question related to quasi-judicial bodies was asked. This helps you save time in Section- A which can be put to use in Section B- case studies.

Upcoming Courses and dates for the preparation of Civil Services Examination – Vajiram and Ravi

Get which provides full details of every course. Check details about upcoming courses, new batches and their commencement dates for the preparation of Civil Services Examination at Vajiramandravi.

essay classes vajiram

Prelims test series and printed materials will classed included. They are going to take lectures. The books will be delivered periodically, as and when they are updated and printed. Updated Mar 31, While studying, just think casses how you can present the same content in a graphical manner and this can help you to memorize and also get brownie points in the exam. Balance between current and static and one source per one subject.

Essay – Vajiram and Ravi

I again made short notes for the static portion of topics mentioned in the syllabus. Polity Laxmikanth- one-stop source for prelims.

Please do not forget that the examiner is gauging your personality and not your knowledge through your answers. In few of my mock essays before my second mains, few of my friends gave me the feedback that my essay is too bookish and factual they said it appears like a GS answer. Is Vajiram and Ravi the best coaching? Even if you have earned that money in your own, wouldn’t you like to have a value for it.


For me personally, minimum revisions are required to write answers effectively. The Institute imparts guidance at New Delhi only. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Few additional points which I would like to add are mentioned below.

Resources for preparation like notes, online classes. This controversial new search engine reveals so much more than ‘googling’.

Essay – Vajiram and Ravi

Answered May 17, There’s no free lunch in this sector. They help you develop a balanced opinion essential for mains and interviewkeep you updated with the important happenings and streamline your current affairs preparation. Vajiram – Security Issues Module.

The reason I am saying so is that one should keep on consolidating their notes with each successive revision.