Make sure that you understand the mission, the question, and your role. It will keep you from going off track as well. In the case study exam, you will be tested on the latter. All you need to do is get yourself familiarized with the tasks at hand from the perspective of a future administrator at an EU institution. Be ready to take this exam and increase your self-confidence; Be ready to treat a large amount of information and from various sources: Here is a mock case study from EPSO:

Printshots of the Case Study Module. After contending with a number of selection procedures, you have finally come and passed through the first initial tests. Here, you can see the skeleton and an overview of your essay. Improve Your Writing — Brush up on your writing skills. To fully give you knowledge on what to expect, you must get yourself familiar with the following:. If this feels intimidating, you do not have to worry. Their role is vital in the internal management of the institutions, most especially in:

EPSO Case Study: A Quick Guide

Simplicity Is Key — Make your sentences as simple as you see fit. This way, you can correct some typos while eliminate those that do not serve your essay.

Never allow yourself to forget about the given information. Make sure that you can communicate your ideas clearly and concise, while not losing touch of some creativity that will catch the attention of the marker.

epso assessment center case study

Assignment — this is the important document that you will receive during the case study. The EPSO Case Study is a computer-based test wherein candidates are given a relevant scenario and are faced with various problems that they have to solve or react based on the provided material.


This way, you can quickly understand the context of the simulations given to you. Analysis and Problem Solving — the ability to identify critical facts in complex issues and develop creative and practical solutions.

The EPSO AC is an advanced approach to evaluate pre-defined competencies with specific simulations individual or in team. By speed-reading, you will understand fast as well as answer correctly. It will keep you from going off track as well.

epso assessment center case study

In fact, it is one of the most vital component whenever you enter an EPSO competition. Now, what are the competencies that you need to focus on when taking this particular test? Here, you can see the skeleton and an overview of your essay. The recommended structure that you may apply in the case study goes like this: It is time then to cass your general and specific competencies through four tests.

Practice Speed-reading — Since there is a time limit, you must effectively communicate what you want to say with the correct information backing it up. In order to practice what you have just learned, then a good mock case study is for you.

ABILITUS – EPSO Practice Tests – EPSO Case Study for AD profiles

You are now in the assessment centre phase. Their role is vital in the internal management of the institutions, most especially in: Moving back, the Case Study is not eliminatory—unlike some of the tests you have to take. For some AST competitions, for example, the case study is often replaced by an In-tray exercise.

Essay — After you have received and carefully read the assignment, it is then time that you proceed to writing the essay. Generally taking a higher position that the AST, an administrator will generally be involved in the following: As mentioned above, the subject of the case study reflects the tasks and duties expected of the position you are going after—either as administrators or as assistants.


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Delivering quality and Results — the ability to take responsibility and initiative for delivering work to a high standard of quality within set procedures. As such, stuvy can gather how the test will involve information related to the task that you will perform for the job. Plan Your Time — Though the competition already has a time limit, you must set the given time properly as well. As such, this competition will attempt to mirror the frequent task for an EU official such as writing reports, recommendations and executive summaries or a dtudy for their supervisors.

This will guide you to organize your thoughts properly while giving you the space to provide a well-rounded and thought out view on your answers. Do not overburden yourself and the marker by writing long-winded sentences that may not see the end of the day.

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Here are further tips that will help you write well: Here, you will find important instructions about the exercise as well as your wssessment, the time, and the questions that you are about to solve.

In the case study exam, you will be tested on the latter.

epso assessment center case study

Who can use our AD Case Study simulation? Here is a sample of the assignment from EPSO: