Human color perception is based on the responses of three different types of color light receptors, called cones. Roughly speaking, you have four variables and two equations, and therefore two extra degrees of freedom. We are given noisy measurements of H at some points on the imaginary axis, i. Do this two ways: Your goal is to use the material you have learned in EE to adjust the lamp powers as well as, or perhaps better than, Bob.

In other words, if f is any unbiased estimator, then f must be a linear function. Show that the set of points in Rn that are closer to a than b is a halfspace, i. Ee homework 3 solutions. For complex matrices or vectors we define the Hermitian conjugate as the complex conjugate of the transpose. In this problem you will explore one simple example:

Either show that this is so, or give an explicit counterexample.

The term is typically used to refer to the case when the DCT bandwidth, K, is significantly smaller than N. In order to motivate some of the definitions, we will look at the closest point problem from More information.

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But then again, you might not. In that case you obtained the quadratic extrapolator by interpolating the last three samples; now you are obtaining it as the least squares fit to the last ten samples. Without any further assumptions, you cannot determine x.


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Nikola proposes the ignore and estimate method. There are many ways to do this, but in this problem we explore two methods. The goal here is to make.

Chapter Vector Geometry In this chapter we will look more closely at certain geometric aspects of vectors in R n.

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EE Autumn Prof. This corresponds to a second column of S of the form 1, 0. List all essential genes. While irrelevant to your solution, this is actually a simple version of tomography, best known for its application in medical imaging as the CAT scan. This is what we needed to show. Solution to additional exercise 1. The sequence of transmissions and storing described above gets the message from node 1 to node 3 in 5 periods.

Consider the Markov language from exercise 13, with five symbols 1,2,3,4,5, and the following symbol transition rules: In many specific applications, it is possible and useful to make a stronger statement, for example, to derive a bound on how large the error can homeork.

Consider the Markov language from exercise 12, with homdwork symbols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and the following symbol transition rules: Vectors and linear combinations Let s begin by saying what vectors are: Here vec is the function that stacks the columns of a matrix on top of each other: You can make any needed rank assumptions about matrices that come up, but please state them explicitly.


Inner product 2 1.

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If some matrix or matrices needs to be full rank for your method to work, say so. In this problem, we consider a simple power control update algorithm. Fish that are less than one year old in the current year t bear no offspring.

Find the conditions on p1. You can check wolutions at each period, the transmission used is active, i. Try to use the simplest notation you can. All numbered exercises are from the EE homework problems.

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Specifically, we know v1. The sharp, clear image in the entire field.

Be as explicit as you can about what A and b are. We say that a signal z is piecewise-affine Aolutionswith kink points i1 .