Politics – International Politics – Topic: One cannot deny here that of course the “major strategic” training measures are also considered, but always for business reasons and rarely according to strategic training processes, benefit aspects or success criteria for the company. This overarching concept enables modules to be developed and used in an integrative and comprehensive manner, thus reducing the number of isolated solutions. The very well-trained workforce naturally goes primarily to those companies that can pay “better” and then offer “other” amenities. The dilemma of operations scheduling is a familiar challenge when it comes to planning in the manufacturing industry and describes the trade-off between minimum lead times and maximum capacity utilisation. The realisation of efficient product ramp-ups represents an essential competitive factor for small and medium-sized enterprises. The performance of firms in DC is expected to contribute to the improvement of the entire SC.

Electronic Seals and their Influence on the Dynamics of Container Logistics Technology for container security Electronic seals E-Seals are a technology that promises to improve security and safety during container transportation processes. In addition to this, the development of reconfigurable machine tools can increase capacity flexibility in the future. This tool enables the generation of technical design recommendations to be followed by product developers creating mobile interaction devices in the early phases of product development. Bremer Schriften zur integrierten Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung. But small and medium-sized enterprises generally do not have an education management system that generates permanently relevant information on the effectiveness of the training measures and evaluates it for company success.

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From an operational perspective, maintaining complex technical systems is a huge challenge. The concept presented in this thesis makes it possible to provide TC services oriented to individual customer requirements, lower development and maintenance costs, and shorten product cycles.

Consistently positive achievements will be barely noticed, while isolated disruptions remain in the minds of the business departments for a long time, [2] Xot only is the availability of IT systems nowadays of decisive importance of businesses, but in particular the support of the core business by the use of IT is crucial.

The industrialization of CFRP production demands new engineering tools in order to develop more efficient production systems. The aim of this paper was to support work planning and, in particular, work plan creation in such a way that the internal workpiece condition can be described when planning high-tensile steel components of propulsion technology with regards to distortion.


Those responsible for education must therefore be in close contact with the decision-makers and involved in strategic planning as early as possible.

Its validation proceeded with simulation models and real data derived from a shop floor manufacturer. Selbststeuernde Disposition im Umlaufmanagement von Verleihartikeln Autonomously controlled disposition Global markets for customer oriented individual products challenge companies due to the resulting complex and dynamic production and logistic networks.

dissertation controlling kmu

The focus of this investigation is different design choices and hyperparameters and their influence on the overall detection result. The continuing training market had a volume of approximately EUR 6. In order to do this, the basic principles of all the areas relevant to this topic are discussed in detail. In the next step, the starting position of the education sector is to be kept in mind in order to understand the continuing education situation and its significance and background.

In contrast, the second strategy implements Deep Learning, which introduces feature generation into the learning process. The system is capable of displaying these relationships. Without permanent optimisation and adjustment, companies cannot survive in international competition. Experience shows that this is often not guaranteed controoling that educational planning is relatively separate from strategic decisions.

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Thereby, major challenges of CFRP production engineering were considered and an eight-level modeling concept called GRA MOSA was developed which contgolling the management of alternative production scenarios by supporting manufacturing as well as logistics planning.

The ITIL library is, since it comes from a public source, in principle free, but its implementation in the company will lead to substantial costs. The development towards cyber-physical production systems Diwsertation in the context of conrolling causes a shift in the task structure of production planning and manufacturing control in favour of the latter.

This leads to the assumption that current planning methods do not generate the best possible schedules. Besides order release, also the traditional planning tasks of dispatching, scheduling and capacity control are meanwhile tasks of manufacturing control.


This assumption is the topic of the dissertation, which investigates the differences in the results of a separate or an integrated planning of production and transport processes.

Kol beck Wimmerp. One solution consists in the synchronization of logistical processes. It is shown that the two approaches have hitherto actually contradicted each other.

This research aims to investigate the possible impacts of different types of E-Seal on container logistics and, in particular, on its dynamics. Kmi the point of view of the economic dissertaiton of educational investments, the educational departments within a company are faced with the task of making the results of education transparent and providing proof of success in order to justify these very investments, in addition to the usually extremely intensive costs of education.

In view of the complexity of internal and external processes and influencing factors, this appears to be an almost unsolvable task. Now the expectations placed on education management are very “high” – because now the continuing training processes are to be reviewed and presented in terms of effectiveness and efficiency – as well as a permanent concept for measuring success.

With respect to mining, modelling efforts focus on the processes of exploration, engineering design, construction and extraction. In other words, those responsible for education must make it clear what contribution they have made to business processes and to what extent added value has been created through further training.


Above all, the workforce, which must be deployed quickly, well-trained and future-oriented. Educational and personnel work is not an end in itself, but must make a contribution to the realization of operational goals.

However, reality has long since gone beyond this and demands convincing proof of success. Dissertqtion a comparison of processes of the mining industry with those of the manufacturing industry, the sourcing process was revealed as the area with the greatest disparity.