I have and will always provide students with a dynamic range of experiences outside of everyday learning, in order to assist them develop not only as learners but as people in society. The ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships. Research into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students suggest that these students learn best through play and interactions with others. As a Science teacher I will be able to incorporate elements of safety and mental health into the delivery of my courses. I displayed genuine interest and concern in the students as individuals, which allowed for strong relationships to be formed.

A commitment to safe work practices and a safe work environment Safety is not merely physical wellbeing but also encompasses the mental and emotional health and welfare of students, staff and parents. I interactively draw diagrams and explain them on the projector via a tablet. I understand the importance of collecting quality assessment information that provides evidence of achievement towards standards, so that reporting is accurate and meaningful. I provide my students with supervision at all times, act with courtesy and compassion and am an advocate for all learners. I determined and acknowledged the different learning styles and abilities of students. In my classroom I encourage student participation and involvement in all activities.

I often use visual tools as an aid to teach course content. I regularly run through marking rubrics so that students learn how to use them effectively and so they understand what is expected of them. In my classroom I encourage student participation and involvement in all activities.

decd personal statement examples

I aim to make me lessons as interactive as possible. I regularly use positive reinforcement and praise, in the confidence that my students will continually display the desired behaviours I have modelled as their educator. I promote classroom discussion when learning scientific concepts. Safety can be promoted when educating students how handle various hazardous chemical substances and mental health can be discussed when persnal about the brain.


Whilst teaching at Adelaide High School I used the schools Behavioural Management policy to support my classroom practice.

Personal Statement | Meika Bradley

The Australian Curriculum outlines what learning will occur and the TfEL framework provides guidelines and practical support to teachers for the delivery of that learning. I use a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom; I use open-ended questioning to check for understanding; I provide students with the opportunities to share their work electronically; I provide explicit instruction as needed; and I provide scaffolded and differentiated instruction that helps students develop their critical thinking skills through collaborative learning opportunities.

Notify me of new comments via email. I use a range of resources, including various ICT tools. When developing a learning sequence I use decx Learning by Design pedagogy and placemat to illustrate how a particular activity sequence aligns itself with the four knowledge principles of experiencing, conceptualising, analysing pesronal applying. I understand the importance of using a variety of approaches to ensure different needs are catered for. I work in collaboration with appropriate support services to develop and implement Independent Learning Plans for students with disabilities to support their needs.

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Consistent praise and feedback is paramount to my pedagogy. I have completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and practice as a pharmacist. By actively participating in learning about other cultures; cultural awareness can be achieved which is a crucial aspect of mutual respect. I am a viable team member by sharing the work load, compromising and accepting constructive criticism.

My practicum at Adelaide High School gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse student cohort of many different cultures including some students with language and statemebt difficulties, hearing impairment and those who were new arrivals.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By setting SMARTAR goals, using the Learning by Design pedagogy and the Teaching for Effective Learning framework TfEL I am able to provide students with an effective learning sequence that builds upon and activates their prior knowledge, has a real life application and is able to be reproduced in different contexts.


Personal Statement – Emmanuel Mangas

When planning and implementing learning opportunities for students I incorporate a wide range of materials and technologies that cater for learner diversity. I am a consistent, loyal, trustworthy and sstatement individual. With the high level of understanding I developed for my students I was able to develop lessons suited to their particular needs, capabilities and backgrounds.

I aim to make myself available to all students in the class at all times. I value working as a team by listening to secd and learning about their ideas, so I can critique my own ideas then effectively discuss them. I support and acknowledge the cultural background of all my students and plan for and integrate commemorative events into my teaching that celebrate this diversity. I encourage students to take risks with their learning whilst maintaining a safe and supportive dedd for all learners.

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decd personal statement examples

I encourage students to adopt values of acceptance, cooperation, inclusion, support, responsibility, social justice and honesty.

I see school exchanges as great learning opportunities for students. Communication skills play a pivotal role in forming relationships. I actively gain support from more experienced teachers and seek advice from others in order to build my own skills.

I promote mutual respect in my classroom.

decd personal statement examples