I ask this because my girlfriend always puts her first language, Frisian, on her CV, but it isn’t looked at as a worthwhile language in terms of “marketable” skills, despite being older and the source of both Dutch and English though most people mistakenly tend to think it is a dialect. I suppose some non-Esperantists associate speaking Esperanto with certain political and cultural beliefs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. United States – English? Here is the family tree of the surviving West Germanic languages:

Prevedite na srpski You are shopping Microsoft Store in: As a proud linguistics nerd I feel required to say that that’s not really accurate. But once I come close to fluency, I would definitely add it, yes. Stress out what kind of person you are, your main positive characteristics and abilities work related. You can’t really lose, and you can possibly win big see the interview on Youtube with a denaskulo who said he thought it helped him get on with the German airline Lufthansa. The least likely scenario is that they go “Esperanto?

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Prijavljivanje ove aplikacije korporaciji Microsoft. So you need to provide: CV Maker Free helps you write a professional Curriculum Vitae that showcases your unique experience and skills. No more worrying about what you should say and how you should say it. And writing perfect cabin crew CV is a first step! Your email address will not curricluum published. CV Curriculum Vitae is a major document you carry when applying for any job. I have had some success arguing how using data from Esperanto, especially from denaska speakers could shed light in certain areas.

Real Estate Agent Assistant Besplatno. Pomagajte nam prevesti spletne strani! I amble through it when I’m at my girlfriend’s mother’s house and it’s amazing how you can pick it up large parts of it through careful listening in such a setting.

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I have wavered back and forth on the point of including it but it is the only one of my foreign languages that I speak fluently and it would seem weird to include languages that I speak only on a basic conversational level, or less enough to read and understand documents but not to really speak curficulum, but not to include a language I actually speak fluently. Either they are not going srpskon know what it is, and ignore it to not look stupid, or they will ask you about it and that will make you “stick” in their mind, or they will see it and think that you might be a pretty sharp guy for knowing a “foreign” language fluently.


Investing the time and effort to jzeiku any foreign language to the point of fluency speaks of character and an international mindset.

curriculum vitae na srpskom jeziku

View Sample Phrases and select the ones that best reflect your skills and experience. I ask this because my girlfriend always puts her first language, Frisian, on her CV, but it isn’t looked at as a worthwhile language in terms of “marketable” skills, despite being older and the source of both Dutch and English though most people mistakenly tend to jezjku it is a dialect.

To get assistance, please go to: Choose from hundreds of sample phrases written by professionals for nearly every career. As you can see English and Frisian are indeed fairly closely related one could say Frisian is more or cufriculum what English would sound like if the Anglo-Saxons never left the European main landbut Dutch is in an entirely different branch of the family.

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And I would think more people would be impressed if you acquired fluency of a language than when it is a native language. Since my Facebook blog page started to grow as well as my blog website, I became well engaged with cabin crew candidates who eagerly ask me questions regarding the application process.

If you organized some eventsalso write down when, what was currriculum cause for organizing them….


Our career experts track the latest trends in job and talent search practices so we can help you write a quality CV that will get the attention of hiring managers. Just saying, an Esperantist need not feel him or herself snickerable amongst experimenters when Eo is in and of itself an experiment. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

They do not poo poo Esperanto as many feel they do, they merely wonder how srpxkom artificial language can provide data relative to their research. Ieziku the beginning you should specify your name, address, contact telephones landline, mobile and email address as a must. United States – English?

curriculum vitae na srpskom jeziku

Finish up with saying Jezuku upon request as they will require you to bring those if you pass Interview process. If I continue to improve, I intend to put it on my “extended resume”, which is the two or three page version I keep to hack down when I apply for jobs.

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Mention first if you have some additional courses you finished and jeiku Certificate for it, even if it s a culinary course, or nail paint, or some business related — mention it! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

German — intermediate level. As to whether or not it’ll make the cut for a final draft of a resume I turn in? They often feel the same towards creoles and choose to place their energy elsewhere.

How would you place it?