The primary election may have been foreseen an easy win for Romano Prodi, with the other candidates running mostly to “measure their strengths” in the coalition, and they often talked about reaching a certain percentage rather than winning. As document in Sergio Flamigni’s La tela del ragno pages — , the police made another fruitless blitz in Viterbo after an abbess declared that, during a vision, she had seen him there. Letta was formally sworn-in as Prime Minister on 28 April; during the ceremony, a man fired shots outside Palazzo Chigi and wounded two Carabinieri. Retrieved 3 June During the first three rounds of voting, few people cast ballots for Prodi 14 on the first ballot, 13 on the second and 22 on the third. Retrieved 21 November Minister of Agriculture , a.

Pisa Letta si e’ specializzato, Carrozza e’ stato rettore” in Italian. The election had been held nationwide on 16 October , from 8 am to 10 pm. Mario Monti announces austerity plan”. Retrieved 10 November European Group Chairman of the Trilateral Commission —

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Retrieved 19 November Prime Ministers of Italy. Massimo D’Alema Giuliano Amato. Il Sole 24 Ore.

After this vote, Pier Luigi Bersanileader of centre-left Democratic Party, announced his resignation as ci secretary. In early JanuaryJustice Minister and Union of Democrats for Europe ‘s leader Clemente Mastella resigned after his wife Sandra Lonardo was put under house arrest for corruption charges.

Presidents of the European Council.

Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 11 June Monti began his academic career at the University of Trentobefore moving to teach economics at the University of Turin from toand finally to Bocconi Universitywhere he was appointed Rector inand President in He was the first economist to lead the IRI. The Olive Tree — The Union — Monti was born in Varese on 19 March The Democratic Party voted heavily in favour of backing Renzi’s call for a new government, a “new phase” and a “radical programme” of reform.


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This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat The case was however shut down within weeks by superiors, while Geremia was “exiled to Sardinia “. The New York Times. On 19 Marchduring the political campaign for the snap general election, Romano Prodi stated “I called it a day with Italian politics and maybe with politics in general. Though facing strong opposition from the centre-right coalition, the vote resulted in a — victory.

On 2 AprilProdi and other teachers at the University of Bologna curriculun on a tip-off that revealed the whereabouts of the safe house where the kidnapped Aldo Morothe former Prime Minister, was being held captive by the Red Brigades.

curriculum vitae di massimo dalema

Retrieved curticulum December Pisa Letta si e’ specializzato, Carrozza e’ stato rettore” in Italian. During his first premiership, Prodi faced the Albanian civil war ; his government proposed the so-called Operation Alba “Sunrise”a multinational peacekeeping force sent to Albania in and led by Italy.

David Sassoli — Patrizia Toia —present.

curriculum vitae di massimo dalema

Prodi’s government faced a crisis over policies in earlyafter just nine months of government. Massio now, he is the first progressive candidate to ever come first at legislative elections since and to manage to form a government without the need of opponents’ parliamentary support. Is there Room for Europe? The decision of former Minister of Justice Mastella arrived a few days after the confirmation of the Constitutional Court which confirmed the referendum to modify the electoral system.


Prodi cudriculum drafted by Democratic Party parliamentarians to be President of Italy during the presidential election after Democratic Party— People of Freedom compromise candidate Franco Marini failed to receive sufficient votes on the first ballot.

Monti was sworn in as Prime Minister on 16 Novemberjust a week after having been appointed dlema Senator for Life by President Napolitano, and initially became Minister of Economy and Finances as well, giving that portfolio up the following July. Prodi II Cabinet —8.

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In foreign policy, the Prodi II Cabinet continued the engagement in Afghanistanunder UN command, while withdrawing troops from post-invasion Iraq on 18 Maywhen Prodi laid out some sense of his new foreign policypledging to withdraw Italian troops from Iraq and called the Iraq War a “grave mistake that has not solved but increased the problem of security”. Retrieved 3 April Prodi’s new cabinet drew in politicians from across his centre-left winning coalition, in addition to Tommaso Padoa-Schioppacurriculu, unelected former official of the European Central Bank with no partisan membership.

Thomas Ddalema, Angelicum entitled “I grandi cambiamenti della politica e dell’economia mondiale: