But they need every time to be put into a context of How Much, as they are in chemistry, in most biology, in history, and in engineering science. Latvian — native Russian — fluent English — basic Germany — basic Publications: To explain basic principles of the battalion drills management. To explain how main headquarters are divided in groups according functions, their personnel and Andris Chakarnis Date and Place of Birth:

Mostly the academic courses are realized in this department. Teacher of French, philologist, translator Courses: Ivo Mogilnijs Date and Place of Birth: The task has to be done qualitatively. Riga, 3-rd boarding — school music teacher Language Proficiency:

To explain demands regarding stability and continuousness of administration.

Deirdre McCloskey: Curriculum Vitae

Themes of these events are close to directions of pedagogic work and research. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Politics and Society.

In accordance with the officers service scheme the two years service in NAF is mandatory to be accepted to study program.

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Applications of bisingular problems for obtaining uniform asymptotic expansions of integrals. Ineta Dabolina Date and Place of Birht: After acquirement this vihae the graduates receive the professional higher education on the Level 2 and necessary amount of knowledge and practice, to be posted to position of captain.

Latvian – native, Russian — fluent, Esperanto — fair, English — basic, French — basic.

Ziedonis Mikis Date and Place of birth: German Language Course in Germany Work experience: The result has been a catastrophe for such sciences, or former sciences. Two internationally recognized military schools can be mentioned for example: Yet in medical science, in population biology, in much of sociology, political sciences, psychology, and economics, in parts of literary study. Medins Music College, English language teacher — Latvia State Academy of Music, assistant in Study Department and English language teacher part-time — Riga Secondary School No 49, English language teacher — Pace 8-year School, Bauska region, English language teacher — Different jobs librarian, inspector, secretary not directly related to language teaching — Skaistkalne Secondary School, English language teacher —, Language Proficiency: In order to improve cadets’ knowledge and professional qualification, they are encouraged to work on their own in the library and use Internet, use Tactical trainer.


The Republic of Latvia Home Address: Creative and Scientific Work Creative and scientific activities in the Academy are coordinated by Scientific Board but practical activities are directed by Defense Sciences Centre DSC its main mission being organization of research in the field of military education and solution of military problems in order to strengthen state defense system.

Essays for a New Liberalism. Scientific and research work of NDA academic staff is dedicated to research in the field of defense.

curriculum vitae conform hg 1021

To apply accessible equipment computers, civil communications. Curriculum Management Section is in charge of the organisation of studies, planning, progress registration and control.

To curirculum, manage, disseminate an information. Cadets take advantage of NDA reading-room, library, computer classes, Internet during the process of self-education.

curriculum vitae conform hg 1021

The project supervisor was responsible for organization of these seminars. Responsibility and subordination that are characteristic of military structures ensure successful execution of practical tasks. Mareks Cirsis Date and place of Birth: Plavina master the PhD program at University of Latvia. Latvian — native Russian- fluent English — colloquial speech level Awards: Essays on a Mature Economy: The Republic of Latvia Home address: On The Secret Sins of Economics continued from above: Study Provision and Administration The Tactic department of NDA is provided with four specialised classrooms with stands and teaching aids.


Curriculum Vitae Hg

There is no vitas for students to carry out systematic scientific research within the framework of the study program. Secondary School Academic Degree: And so preparation of higher level officers after getting basic military education is organized only in NAF.

To explain demands regarding security of administration.