You will not be penalized for guessing. The prices for each individual subtest are as follows:. There are numerous study materials available for reference for those who wish to take the CTEL exam. Describe one contemporary theory of language acquisition. Describe one method to teach ELL students aligning with the language acquisition theory you described. There was a hidden treasure on the last page…downloadable versions of the practice test questions and explanations!

However, your response must be communicated clearly enough to permit valid judgment of your knowledge and skills. You may NOT use any type of calculator or reference materials during the testing session. Describe one contemporary theory of language acquisition. Assessment and Instruction Sample Constructed-Response Assignment 1 An essential part of effective instruction for English learners at all proficiency levels is providing a balanced, comprehensive reading program. Each of the two types of questions featured on the CTEL exam are scored through different methods.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 2

Remember to review what you have written and make any changes that you think will improve your response. The activity will improve their ability to identify main ideas and details in informational texts. Include language objectives in each lesson specifically related to the technical vocabulary and contentspecific language structures used in the lesson.

These conversations promote students’ language development and build on and enhance their conceptual frameworks.

ctel sample essay questions

Which of the following is qustions primary tenet of social-interactionist theories of language acquisition? A middle school class includes several early-intermediate-level English learners.


Comprehensible output is facilitated for these students by providing them with meaningful, purposeful contexts within which to negotiate meaning with conversational partners. In a written response: Rather, holistic scoring is designed to offer an efficient way to score written responses quickly.

They believe that language learners develop proficiency in a target language by engaging in meaningful interactions with adults and peers qquestions the environment, which provides them with opportunities to negotiate meaning and to produce comprehensible output.

Produce a plan rssay the safe delivery of a sporting activity. One way that you as a teacher can help address this situation is to set up a teacher sharing group in your school that is devoted to the topic of differentiating instruction fo rEnglish learners, where teachers share instructional strategies they esday found effective. This should be your original work, written in your own words, and not copied or paraphrased from some other work.

Ask the English learners to draw pictures illustrating their experience instead of writing about it. Which of the following describes the most likely outcome of this practice? Read the assignment sam;le before you begin to write. Which of the following activities in a SDAIE lesson about vascular and nonvascular plants would be most appropriate and effective to use with students at this proficiency level in order to promote their English language and literacy development?

Assessment and Instruction Add to collection s Add to saved. The teacher regularly points out students’ errors immediately and explicitly. Upload document Create flashcards. Have students dissect several representative species of vascular and nonvascular plants, and then make a chart listing each plant’s features.


ctel sample essay questions

Produce a plan for the safe delivery of a sporting activity. It might be diverse in terms of the people’s backgrounds and socioeconomic status or it might be pretty homogeneous. The teacher also ensures that all students learn the names and functions of the various objects. On the other hand, they should praise them if they are good. Performance Characteristics The following characteristics guide the scoring of responses to the written assignments.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 1

Parents need to address these community influences. Assessment and Instruction 9. How to Write a Thematic Essay. The written response is blank. A group of elementary beginninglevel English learners has difficulty pronouncing a particular English phoneme.

Sample Test Questions for CTEL 2

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, using engaging meaningful texts motivates English learners to want to read more and to enjoy reading! The CTEL exam features two different question formats: You may go back and review your answers at any time during the testing session. You may not use any reference materials during the test.