Review of Math Notation Note 1: Come to homework parties We encourage collaboration on homeworks but please read the homework policy above! Giving a solution or partial solution to another student, even with the explicit understanding that it will not be copied. Counting Discussion 06a solution Discussion 06b solution Homework 06 Tex solution Slides 13 full 6up Slides 14 full 6up Slides 15 full 6up Slides 16 full 6up. These tips have been collected through the years from professors, past and present.

You may work in groups of at most three people; however, you must always write up the solutions on your own. This is an endeavor to let you choose. Short answers or solution sketches will be provided for you to check your solutions. Although the numerical weight of the homeworks is not huge or is zero, we work hard to make them instructive and interesting. Any student found to be cheating risks automatically failing the class and being referred to the Office of Student Conduct. Markov Chains Note

Your proofs may refer to course material and to homeworks from earlier in the semester.

Regression, Conditional Expectation Tex solution Homework Course Overview The goal of this course is to introduce students to ideas and techniques from discrete mathematics that are widely used in Computer Science. Random Variables, Distributions, Expectation.

cs70 homework solutions

Please do not post anything resembling a solution to a homework problem before it’s due. If your question is personal or not of interest to other students, you may mark your question as private on Piazza, so only the instructors will see it.


cs70 homework solutions

We may sample problems in grading. Outside of your discussion section, you should feel free to attend any of the staff office hours and ask any of us for help.

CS Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

Chebyshev’s Inequality Note Regrade requests should include a clear explanation of homeworo grading category of the rubric you believe yourself to fall under. We reserve the right to regrade your entire homework, and since we are taking a fresh look at it, it is possible you’ll end up with a lower than you started with though this doesn’t usually happen.

Short answers or solution sketches will be homesork for you to check your solutions. Both options require them.

cs70 homework solutions

Introduction to Discrete Probability Note Propositional Logic Note 2: Hence you should read the newsgroup regularly whether you post questions to it or not. And you also get the benefit of homewprk questions, examples etc. The Sundry item below is simply some questionaires which should take roughly half an hour.

CS 70: Discrete mathematics and probability theory, Fall 2012

If you do not, please let us know so that we can add you. Berlekamp-Welch solution Discussion 06a: Modular Arithmetic solution Discussion 03b: In fact, this process can often lead you to a solution yourself!


We believe that most students can distinguish between helping other students and cheating. Lowest homework score is dropped. Lecture Slides Slides generally follow the notes. Points may be deducted for solutions that are unclear, do not show intermediate work, or are messy or improperly formatted. In science people learn a lot from emulating the approach of more experienced scientists. Not only is this good scholarly conduct, it also protects you from accusations of theft of your colleagues’ ideas.

Joint Distributions, Linearity of Expectation solution Discussion 09b: An Overview Slides 28 full 6up. Homework 10 [ps] [pdf] due November 20 ; solutions [ps] [pdf].

CS Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, Fall

If you struggled with any of these courses, you should probably take Math 55 instead of CS 70 as CS 70 is likely to be more conceptual in nature. Lecture 9 full 6up: Make sure you allocate a eolutions number of hours every week to the class, including enough time for reading and understanding the material as well as for doing assignments.

Lecture 22 full 6up: