London, Sage Publications, pp. As the town has expanded past village sociality, several communities exist within town, and assimilation can be into anyone of these. Love shops, bookshop particularly. Market towns historically provided a hub where farmers bought and sold goods BBC, Pollution levels are high though. Despite these variations, participant 11 explained that after two years, she is finally feelings assimilated into town.

Harper began to bridge this gap by thoroughly detailing decision-making processes and motivations through comparative research, and this case study will continue deeper into counter-urbanization by seeing a location on its own in historical context. Note that the focus is on shelter, and employment is the catalyst for attaining shelter. Information from interviews was analyzed by first categorizing the data according to dissertation objectives and frames set out in the literature review. In a similar capacity, Chipping Norton today still functions as a service hub for nearby villages along with Churchill, which because of its postcode is still considered Chipping Norton, but is not considered in this dissertation. Other Historical Sources Other historical sources were used as well. The Bliss Mill reported that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled labor, and was not working to full capacity Oxford Mail,

There was no differentiation between demographics in regards to how this was done, by telephone and emails, as well as visits. Individuals furthermore relocate from cities, but maintain employment in them, whilst others select rural locations not far from the city, but close enough to visit families.

Case Study: Counter-urbanisation: St Ives

Town expansion occurred mainly outside the town center area by the Chipping Norton Common and the Leys map 3. Finally, this study indicates that several avenues of research can be explored for further examination of processes. Beyond the Urban-rural DichotomyAshgate, Aldershot. Both of those individuals relocated from nearby villages, and both moves were employment related. Despite its current designation as a non-economic growth area, there is great possibility of massive growth within the next xounterurbanisation years.


Houses are under-occupied, and wealthier relocators from similar cohorts occupy the limited supply of housing in villages.

counterurbanisation case study uk

In the first place, as with any new dataset, even one like this that has been extensively trialled by the national statistical agency, there is bound to be some uncertainty about its reliability. A third difference is the reorganisation of local government in the mid s, which reduced the number of districts from to Of the 15 participants randomly interviewed, five were local, six had counter-urbanized, and four urbanized.

Can step in and out of it. Trouble starts in pubs. Motivations Motivations behind counter-urbanization are many, and sometimes counterurbanisaiton and complex. Though a couple of recessions and development restrictions brought hard times upon the town twice more, the town was resilient, and took cawe marketing itself again in town policy, as well as local efforts by businessmen.

Counter-urbanizers discovered properties through the internet, working with estate agents, and by visiting the town, whilst urbanizers already possessed knowledge of the town, and had more facility visiting.

Very happy with the town. This is something Harper did not do, and which this research will contribute.

Case Study: Counter-urbanisation: St Ives – Mindmap in A Level and IB Geography

Also available from ONS is a migration matrix showing the number of persons moving between each LA and all others. This was observed through interviews performed, as three of the five locals were elderly with an additional townsman having no children at home. The population grew from to from 3, to approximately 5, CNN, Jun.

In town, one of the most traditional symbols of rural privilege, the hunt, has been ingested by townspeople as part of town history and heritage. These activities will be important as more housing is planned, the population ages, and employment remains sparse.


counterurbanisation case study uk

Though this is a national problem for young families Burn- Callander,it is one perpetuated in town by gentrification, and continued housing emphasis for the elderly rather than affordable social housing for young families. This was for the purpose of preserving agricultural lands and the natural beauty of the town ibid. Whilst there are diverse effects, the following impacts are recurring in rural studies literature. Town Council websites and other relevant websites were used to familiarize with the location and to identify the occurrence of key town events, and when they occurred.

This influenced the decision to study the town further. As urbanization in rural areas was not identified with counter-urbanization studies, this further detail is a contribution made by this dissertation. Not too big, everything we need. London, Sage Publications, pp. Townspeople do not enter the town center wearing tweed jackets, suited in Wellies, and do not parade the obedience of their trained dogs in a performed role as Edensor notes of the countryside Moreover, while most students leave their university cities and towns at the end of their courses, a proportion of them do not.

These insights will then be brought to the human sphere by addressing the motivations behind them. Where processes seen in the literature review are encountered in interviews, they will be validated with explanations from rural studies literature and historical research.

After performing eight interviews, those interviews were examined, and strategies to acquire holes in collected information were employed.