These activities are what make Zespri such a successful company. Skip to content Access keys. How to cite this page Choose cite format: This has been particularly effective in the case of the China and Malaysia FTAs, where the government has achieved significant reductions in the kiwifruit tariff and given New Zealand fruit an even playing field with its competitors. This share issuance will provide the farmers with an invested interest in the company and create a greater intrinsic value to Zespri for years to come.

Zespri is consistently experiencing steady growth, and increased competition. As a result a decision was made to change from having a marketing board to having a corporate that would be responsible for the sales and marketing of the entire New Zealand crop. Download a PDF of this case study. Since grocery retailers generally stock many different varieties of fruit, kiwifruit is only one of many fruits fighting for space. MAF, in turn, undertake audits on Zespri, while pallets and data are thoroughly checked at the wharf.


Their outbound logistics activities include warehousing and order fulfillment are managed effective and efficiently since Zespri will cool the kiwifruit to ensure freshness, they are the main exporter of this fruit in New Zealand. Zespri employs approximately people including 57 in Europe and 40 across Asia. Facing growing international competition, Zespri invested in consumer branding and innovation, which has led to new types of kiwifruit that taste better and are protected with patents.

Another last-resort option for Zespri is to issue czse sell more shares to growers outside of New Zealand. Reinhardt, and Emer Moloney. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The joint approach taken by Xelocity and Zespri analysts helped to position the solution in such zespdi way that the benefits were easily attainable within the SCE project.

Additionally, although downscaling the size of the business may create added costs logistically, it will allow the firm to operate at a more sustainable margin of profitability. Existing Zespri business processes had been documented in various formats, so the first stage was to move them to the common repository and link them into the overall BPA framework.


In continuing both of these activities, the Zespri brand will proceed to cqse in the market.

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Issues of food safety are supported by programmes encompassing rigorous plant hygiene and quality control systems stdy with a controlled crop protection programme that ezspri continually improved.

Quality is managed in several distinct ways. The economy in this situation is on the rise with demand increasing as well as overall expenditure on kiwi fruit per capita. Threat of new entrants is low due to the established name Zespri has obtained due to their strict standards to produce top quality kiwifruits.

This being said, Zespri possesses a legal advantage in quality and product uniqueness that sets it apart from the industry. By offering quality products, Zespri and its competitors are able to attract and retain buyers due to their excellent brand name. The blueprints were then presented to the business for solution design signoff.

Zezpri the past 10 years, New Zealand sales volumes have almost doubled, from 52 million to million trays. There are stipulations in place for different countries which restrict were kiwi fruit is zesrpi from. They also have in the works a red version of the fruit which indicates they have created a technological barrier for its competition to create unique products.

Case study 3: Zespri

Zespri had selected Business Process Modelling Notation as their standard for enterprise wide process documentation, and after evaluating various tools, adopted Signavio as the modelling tool going forward. Long-term, Zespri may be able to increase suppliers globally.

case study zespri

Prior to Zespri, multiple exporters were competing to sell kiwifruit independently around the world. Case Studies “We chose Xelocity as they demonstrated they understood our business and our existing systems better than anyone else. Luckily both supplier power and the threat of new entrants is quite low so at the moment these are not a concern.


But since there are many fruits out there the threat of substitution is quite high. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Zespri sets the quality standards that are implemented by the industry.

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In order to be successful in the kiwifruit industry there are many areas that must be addressed. By having robust controls and processes to ensure Zespri kiwifruit is in the best quality when it reaches the market, the distributors and consumers have confidence in the brand and the fruit attributes and will often pay a significant premium over competitor fruits.

This has also left Zespri well prepared for the next phase of its growth strategy. In doing so, Zespri will be able to conduct market research on all levels of operations ranging from product assortment, marketing research, technological advancements, and supply chain logistics. This also means that the Zespri products the green varieties they offer are not non-substitutable to customers. Rivalry in this industry is quite high due to the niche market making up only a small portion on supermarket shelves.

The filled boxes or trays are zsspri onto pallets before going into cool storage. Finally, kiwifruit producers and exporters must hold their growing operations to the best standards to keep the high quality name of kiwifruit.