Through the communities bridged social capital, specifically to UPA, the people of Legarda have increased their resources significantly. Despite the fact that a new Filipino nation declared independence in , Spain sold the country to the Americans which came in as new colonizers. Relocation is seen as a cheaper alternative to on-site adaptation measures. From a population of an estimated 1. Nevertheless, when talking about the label of taga ilog, it was clear that the respondents feel misinterpreted by the larger community in the NCR, and that this has effect on how the people of the estero are being treated.

Challenges, approaches and institutionalization. I believe that a distinction can be made be- tween how the NML present their objectives to the government, and what the actual reasons for the PPHI are. By Michael Adrian Padilla , C. Connections or collaborations between communities, NGOs, and LGUs are examples of bridged social capital, while the connections and relationships within each of these units are forms of bonded social capital Adler and Kwon, , Dealing with red tape Currently, one of the greatest obstacles for the PPHI is acquiring new land in order to complete the construction of the remaining buildings. People with poor financial means who migrate to cities have a hard time finding any affordable housing, and informal settlements develop due to the lack of other options Tacoli,

The thesis might be published within the university, I will also share it with anyone who is interested in the project, if an opportunity to publish the paper appears I will do so. If the government wants to adapt to climate change these priorities must be the main concern, lasig adaptation must be mainstreamed in order to avoid obstructing those priorities.

Thus, UPA can be seen as a sort of surrogate to the state.

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Revitalization of the Pasig River Through the Years: Flows of information or networks can be described as an expression of social capital rather than just an asset Adger, Log In Sign Sfudy. Since semi-structured interviews are flexible in their na- ture, the respondents had a large influence over the content of the interviews, and I believe that the research questions can be answered by my empirical material. By shifting the focus from traditional notions of financial capital, I will analyse the courses of action taken by the ISFs as a community through a social capital lens.

Main- taining the communal social capital Maintain Work with government agencies, collabo- rate with UPA. Instead I focus on studying one case in depth by generalising my chosen theoretical framework to the case of Legarda Bryman, So their fight for their rights will be set aside because of danger.


However the following are the projected benefits of the project in 20 years PRRC Gaining outside support and becoming empowered In order for the NML to achieve their goals of land tenure security, in-city housing and the appointment of pro-poor staff in the government, the com- munity decided to become politically involved by supporting the then Senator Benigno Aquino III in his presidential campaign, who had been supportive of the UDHA act in the senate3.

One of the most important victories for the community was when the NML president was elected as captain to the barangay that Legarda is part of.

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Social capital in practice Lin identifies four main arguments to why investment in social networks is successful in instances that cannot be explained by personal capital such as human, cultural, and economic capital.

Sub-catchments were further divided into clusters where work on rehabilitating individual esteros was implemented simultaneously.

Due to the paradox where climate change is considered a global problem while the impacts of climate change are experienced locally, an expert-led impact-based approach to adaptation might risk exacerbating the vulnerabilities of the urban poor instead of alleviating them. She views this as the core reason to why the government have taken the position that the urban poor need to be relocated for their own protection Interview Do you have any more family living in the community?

My associ- ation with the main office of the large network gave me access to UPA and my main UPA contact introduced me to the community and explained the reason for my visit. Adaptation to climate change often implies a degree of intervention from the state, whom for instance is the agent capable of providing proper infrastructure.

Coming from Sweden, where we call everyone by their first name and social hierarchies in languages are avoided, I also had to spend time getting accustomed to the use of respectful linguistics in the Philippines, for instance to always say po at the end of cawe sentence when speaking to someone older then myself, and addressing people as if olog were family members out of respect6.


Each interview was voice recorded and went on for approximately forty minutes5. A case study of informal settlers’ fight to stay in Manila. Some of the respondents mentioned that the cost of the monthly amortisation of the apartments will be too steep, or that they were unsure of how they would increase their income.

Moreover, the small stipend they receive and the livelihood project they engage in append their household incomes. The interviews were semi-structured and followed an interview guide4.

case study ilog pasig

Aroundrunners joined the event in which garnered national attention for its attempt to secure a world-record for largest number of participants for a racing event. Bridged and bonded social capital The acquirement and maintenance of social capital can be divided into two separate strategies, which in turn divides social capital into two categories: The choice for my field research was elaborated during the course of an internship that I undertook in Quezon City, NCR at the main office of one of the largest NGO networks in the country.

Unlike government agencies, KBPIP was a project with a limited duration which did not afford organizers to get obsessed with overly complicated studies or plans.

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Now that we have our own connection I discourage each family to do their own tapping, to avoid ilot lines, to avoid fires. During my last days in the field, the project faced a big defeat when a land appropriation that the community had been hoping for fell through. Governance and Urban Development: In some cases, the clus- ter leaders were not available for interviews, in which case I interviewed the assisting cluster leader instead.

Even though some of the houses have been built, they all have to stay in the estero until everyone in the community have a new home Interview In a review article on Community Based Adaptation CBA in urban planning, benefits and challenges to the mainstreaming of CBA is explored by assessing case studies from five cities with experiences in trying to im- plement this approach to their adaptation strategies Sharma et al.