This dividing line marking the boundary between the interior and exterior of the house never matches from end to end with the physical limit defining interior and exterior spaces of the house. This is perfectly illustrated by Case Study House 21 of Koenig, of which we see the attached structure. Fences are treated here as screens. Steel promises to bring domestic architecture to industrialization after the end of World War II. Always keep an eye on our blog for news and information on everything Eicher in Southern California!

The spaces not below the surface would still offer floor-to-ceiling glass and access to the outside for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle many post-war buyers were wanting. If the frame system allows a system of modular panels, the roof remains monolith. A Quincy Jones , case study , case study houses , Emmons , midcentury modern , post war homes , tract home. There are three types of reports to the site and the environment developed in the Case Study Houses. They each have a personal style already widely proven … Any houses built during this period, that of Eames and Saarinen was the first to play with the layout and structure. John Entenza is the man who has by his editorial work and critical to all these reflections to emerge.

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The weather is favorable for experimentation. When they have such possibilities, the architects of Case Study Program generally treat areas of the villas so create a framing the landscape. The analysis of these documents allow us to identify three distinct periods in the program of the Case Study Houses: CSH 22 of Koenig 18 of Ellwood Continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces Systematically, the spaces of the villas are worked to rendering uncertain, or even erase completely disintegrate the boundary between inside and outside.


This organization between amenities and living areas are generally treated by the Case Study Houses differently from usual spatial partition. This method of implantation naturally allows a multitude of games with the site.

case study house #24 by jones & emmons

History of the program …. The Case Study house program was run by Arts and Architecture magazine from All Case Study Houses emmmons a structural frame system.

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It should be noted that in most cases the villas are on one floor. Distribution and typology of the project are used to establish a clear studt between these spaces.

All the architects of this period are already confirmed and recognized professionals. They come and hide in full or in part spaces.

The only stated goal is the development of an environment of well-being without any ideological bias. Always posed, suspend in or slightly above the ground, their locations never require heavy excavation. Thus all of these partitions are marked only in emmos plane and the houses of the composition is completely horiz Example: In addition, there is a real work to be done because some potential customers are already thinking about the time in terms of house key in hand.

The villas of the Case Study Program are implanted mostly in residential suburban neighborhoods.

Case Study House #24: Indoor Outdoor and Underground Living

The villas are often separated from the public emmonx by a rear garden. Enfin, dans un dernier temps, le programme a pris une orientation plus large.

The Case Studies developed during this period no longer interested only in experiments on one house. The project is built and furnished. They saw a need for housing during this post-war period but also understood the opportunity to redirect this mass of future homeowners in a new direction.


Although it irremovable, he conferred the status of their furniture. It will be no surprise to Eichler enthusiasts to learn that Case Study House 24 was in fact a concept for a community of homes to be built on a tract near Northridge.

case study house #24 by jones & emmons

Thus begins the program will continue after the departure of Entenza magazine in In the 50safter 13 houses either completed the program continues at the rate of one house per year.

The work of the Case Study House program designers, therefore, is to limit and qualify this place generally undifferentiated and deformed that fits between the bounds and those of the house. Each time, they refuse any guidance on the street and turns her back systematically.

But the materials should not be used or only selected according to their objective qualities.

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Each of these agencies is responsible for the design of a house. The period begins in with the announcement of the program and ends with the completion of the house of Eames and Saarinen for Entenza. There are three types of reports to the site and the environment developed in the Case Study Houses. It also seeks to provoke the public cez a new requirement of architectural quality for their own homes.

For a century and a half the industry has been used for building materials but the house construction has resisted industrialization.

This initiative has several goals designated by Entenza.