Thank you so much for teaching us! Year 5 have worked so hard on their pieces of art, writing and humanities. To go straight to Show My Homework click here. Look instead for what God can do. A homework club will be running during golden time on the Friday the day after the homework is set for children who choose to miss golden time in order to complete their homework then. This club is designed to help students develop their knowledge of the French language, culture, food and traditions. As part of Challenge 21, we are learning 21 new Romanian words!

On the 3rd of October, we had the joy of visiting Preston Manor and immersing ourselves into the lives of Victorian servants. Homework is given out every Thursday and expected back every Tuesday. We had to do a lot of hard work, but we also learned a lot! Below, we dyed our letters with tea and have hung them around the class to be displayed. What did you learn?

We could only speak when spoken to and learned some important manners. Thank you to all the family, friends and guests who joined us for today’s end of term celebrations! What an incredible day! honework

The crozier, or shepherd’s staff, symbolises his role as a shepherd to his flock as he cares and guides the members of his diocese. We are so proud and we got to share it with plenty of cardonal Greek food, Greek music and fabulous outfits! For more information about climate change: More Able — Mr Peter Shears p.


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Brighton

View our News and Notices. Another opportunity is on Thursday the 4th October, to join us at 1 pm for a dramatic reenactment of our class reader: The mitre can be worn on his head to symbolise the authority of the Bible and the Church. Even though this is more interactive, I still expect your neatest work in a pencil! Year Pastoral Progress Leaders.

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Reading plays a central role in all we do at St. The History Department runs the following after school homewrk How can we stand together and support one another?

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Matthias – an Anglican church on Ditchling Road. Where Brighton falls compared to other cities: Hill and Miss Hill.

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Year 5 children will also be doing the “daily mile” on the other three days. Learn more about The Hub. Join Facebook to connect with Rob Allison and others hoge may know. Year 5 are really enjoying their basketball sessions with coach James. Year 5 have worked so hard on their pieces of art, writing and humanities.


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Brighton – St Philip Howard

We also have a well established dance performance group which performs at the dome every year. What makes a good friend? Please feel free to come have a look!

Art We are so proud of our year 5 artists! A came to school to teach us all about healthy eating, exercise and looking after ourselves! The Autumn spelling words to practice at home can be found here. December’s Language of the Month. In learning about peace, we created scenarios where we could be peace makers. I am sure you are prepared to have us come back into the 21st century with lots of new experiences from Victorian times!

Good morning This month, we are learning Shona. Easy online homework management Latest School News. There is no such cause-effect here.

Mr Galvin is responsible for ensuring that we fulfil our mission as a Catholic School. The Geography Department runs the following after school club: