So the profit of japa is Love of Krishna and returning to the abode of the Lord. I will protect what you have and provide what you need Faith? We will not give homework besides the readings. So we are also some kind of culprits like that disobeying the laws of the Lord disobedient stubborn what not. Offer obeisance from a distance or just stay away upeksha. So Demigods take the dust of Krishnas feet on the head, while Krishna who is around in the forest of Vrindavan taking care of the cows bare foot Krishna goes barefoot serving cows playing with his friends.

The appearance of the Lord happened in one place, but Harinama appeared in all places for all persons. When we realise nectar, we are avoiding offenses. Security locking system, this and that and all the way. We keep on saying high thinking high thinking simple living high thinking, what is high thinking? The appropriate format for this will be worked out during the class and the students will be informed. Least resistance so current is coming from power house and to those wires and to your house.

The Muslims said that people who resided on the banks of the Sindhu River are Hindus.

Describe the process of removing oneself from the tree. It shall help us to give proper responses for your submissions. Briefly explain the consciousness of one bnakti acts under false ego.


You are very delighted, so happy, joyful, what happen, did someone gave you some billion dollar in charity? We need to do something urgently.

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Why does Krsna strictly perform prescribed duties of varnasrama-dharma? By doing Japa sastgi offenses we cannot realise God in the name. This is Radha and Krishna.

It will extinguish, it will die out, finished, if you blow it how much that little spark could handle. You spread the glories of the holy name. Explain the position of the Supersoul in relationship with the individual soul.

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So with this we will have to look at Quran as we look at Puran also. This is what is expected of you not that someone is pure, he is pure, he is determined, he is…I am! Give up or not give up? What is the relationship between chanting Hare Krsna and Saetri So that means they have to come on this boat. Now your knowledge of the bhati, so you look at the world around you. You are not ready to make a presentation?

Then Srila Prabhupada policy also for preacher is do what? That is Krshna Consciousness. Then nothing is going to go right. And each one is to be understood they have roles to play.


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Devotee asking question well quickly in the first chapter Arjuna is concerned about different dharmas. Talk on mobile has become cheaper now so people are just talking talk it homeworo Chat, chatting talk is cheap talking has become cheap now. Lord is calling him Dharmatma, who are we to take different step. He is potent with potencies; He is Shaktiman because He has lots of homewori. So Arjuna, what you just said some people may not accept this. Who read my mind? Compassion is for; compassion is for whom?

Lord says, you do four things but every time He says His name is attached, man mana your mind fixed upon Me. Why are they worshipped? More knowledge you have, you will byakti more unto Krishna.

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At night one cannot see his own hands. There are 5 different parties mentioned here.

bhakti sastri homework

That should be the attitude of all preachers in Krishna conscious movement. Hmm is that enough?