There was firm opposition towards education of Indo-Fijians. Some of the people greeted me, although I could not see everyone clearly because it was fairly dark in the lounge-room. The Great Council of Chiefs cannot hold him to ransom indefinitely, for if they do, they could be swept aside by the power of the guns. Savenaca Draunidalo was waiting at Holiday Inn when the marches were happening. Curiously, Commodore Frank Bainimarama has so far not interfered with the Constitution.

For example, the group that Rabuka used to storm parliament had some officers who later became highly ranked after Rt Epeli Nailatikau and Jim Sanday were removed from their positions by Rabuka. In Dakuvula’s words, ‘This reactionary notion has no basis in history or current realities. Instead, Bainimarama wanted to give him a place in his regime but was prevented from doing it by fear of a backlash from victims of the Speight coup. The Alliance Party responded in kind. The objectives underlying Gordon’s policies were similar to those which had given rise to colonial practices elsewhere: But convincing enough for fools like you and Vore. In other words, the people of Fiji, including the commoner Fijians, had exercised their democratic right to choose who should lead the Government of Fiji.

That base is being eroded.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

Monday, August 23, Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator. Savenaca Draunidalo was waiting at Holiday Inn when the marches were happening. Did he even graduate from Hong Kong university?

His findings were published as the Spate Commission. He had also told another political rally in September that the Fijian chiefs were out to ‘threaten’ Indo-Fijians by indirectly telling people not to vote for the then leader of the NPF, Koya. You have to pay attention to developments and events happening leading up to election Moving on to coup and the subsequent selection of Qarase as interim PM, Bainimarama and Dr Jona Senilagakali both talked about it.


Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum Thesis

I am also a politician and leader of the Alliance Party, which khaiyu closely interested in these proceedings. In a sombre tone, the President and Tui Lau, Ratu Mara asked why statements such as ‘don’t elect your chiefs but elect a commoner because its easier to deal with them’ were made to his people only.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

Frank is pro-Fiji, not anti-fijian. But after years at the helm, it finaly dawned on him that the position was untenable. Long may we so remain. Oh dear, more nonsense from the persecuted-who have become-persecutors!

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Khaiyum’s thesis rubbishes military yet manages to win over junta dictator

A former chairman of the Levuka School Board, D. It was a thoroughly progressive move on the part of the Council.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

The Methodist missionary, Rev J. In the FNP submitted that the chiefly system be abolished altogether. Hence, in some areas, a dreary negativism: Ratu Mara’s call for respect of the chiefs khaiyumm a familiar one. Durutalo, in terms of class struggle, condemned the Alliance and the NFP for perpetuating those divisions.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

Butadroka was quick to respond: The reason why Mr Bainimarama was nominated to become the next Commander has been explained before by Rt Epeli sometime ago during an interview on FijiTV.

Democracy is alive and well in Fiji…The interests of Fiji must always come first.

Menu The new deal did it end Charles beard framing constitution Mba essay questions and answers. In the past, it was the Indo-Fijian politicians who used to take the Fijian chiefs to task over political and traditional authority. Their proper role was at jhaiyum local village level, because ‘when it comes to politics, the chiefs do not have the mandate of the people’.


So there was a campaign to undermine Bainimarama’s leadership long before the events of coup Capturing it in institutions makes culture parochial, irrelevant, thesiw to manipulation and servesonly the interest of a few…. Robertson, ‘the domination of the eastern chiefs particularly over the west, but it also resulted in the rise of a new type of bureaucratic chief, aware of the need to adjust to the demands of the colonial state if they were to achieve their class aims’.

Addressing a meeting of the Lau Provincial Council in Moala, Ratu Mara said these were evident in the statements made, in which chief’s were insulted.

It had been felt that more than time after coupmany of the top military officials were entangled within the web of indigenous extremism introduced about with this particular coup. The problem we have with these anti-Bainimarama group is that they lack information.

There was no xiyaz government in waiting. It was however a continuation of the coup culture that began in He had finally broken the tenuous thread of political tolerance for the chiefs, and the effects were to be felt in the future, especially khiyum elections in Fiji.