You just made it through the test alive. If you do follow the bare minimum requirements of a transferee, there is a high chance that you can get in. I took reviews in the summer and I would just like to know which subjects are the ones that should be prioritized. Do you think Admu will accept me? And a few minutes later I found myself….

You are commenting using your Google account. I am also a student who plans to transfer to Ateneo on the S. The Math exam is a multiple choice exam. I could still recall my 3rd year self cursing the test items. But seriously, rest after the test. I want to give it another try next year.

ACET tips – Jobe Fernandez

Leave no unnecessary marks on your answer sheet or questionnaire. I do remember there was a break time for the ACET…but the time we were given to answer each questionnaire.

I felt the need to explain everything; to make them understand.

acet 2014 essay question

I mean I really wanna pass. Will I be admitted to Easay assuming that I pass sa aking second year or sa 3rd year po? Or is it just The grades from your full academic year in 1st year college.


Apart from gaining the respect of my peers, I gained their trust also.

I love the color blue and Ateneo is blue. Esssay did my best to write it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Doodle only if you have the time for it and do it only on the provided scratch paper and when you are sure about the answers you shaded.

acet 2014 essay question

That should clear up some questions. I have a friend who transferred to DLSU and she was an irregular student.

ADMU, Will You Accept Me? – Patrick Alix

I still want ro study there. Then, I remembered being stuck in the same situation, staring at the insertion point.

I hope that answers your question. Not sure if you can still answer questionnaires, but try to review as much and remember as much as you can……yeah. Heck, it even had two professors for it!

acet 2014 essay question

I found it uncomfortable to talk to people, sometimes, even to my friends. That is very true. Or the time pressure really made it even harder? Since last Friday or was it Saturday? It would really mean a lot if you answer this.


The proctor qusetion a lot of paper and, yah, these were the answer sheets and the questionnaires were given and replaced over time, as scheduled. I dont know if its true though, so I just want to confirm from you po!

If not, you can quedtion your questions at the comment section below. May i ask a question? The exact same thing I wrote about in my Ateneo Essay. You are commenting using your WordPress. I kind of regret it now.

ADMU, Will You Accept Me?

Although, it should have been expected since I did sign up for their ACET tutorial twice before that: I questiln to give it another try next year. Following their steps, I stand by and firmly believe in the saying: However, I think that it may have been too much since I did write about pages.

Jeremiah Racela, 17 Awkward, introverted and often confused.