Please note that your main supervisor must be tenured at Aarhus University, and that your thesis must be completed at Aarhus University. These external partners may want to make a written agreement to prevent any third party from getting access to confidential information. Starting the process of thesis supervision. Subsequently, a discussion of the thesis and the presentation of key issues will take place, directed by questions from the examiner and possibly the external examiner. For the sake of the planning of the thesis exams, it is important that you submit the form “Thesis submission statement” weeks before you submit your thesis. Again, the month of July is not included when calculating the deadline.

You are welcome to print a transcript of the exam records from mit. The student guidance and information service also arranges courses and workshops which can help you to plan the process involved in producing your thesis. The thesis contract is drawn up by you and your prospective supervisor, and it must be approved via the contract generator by you, your supervisor and your degree programme coordinator. You are not allowed to hand in a paper copy of the thesis, as it is the uploaded version that is legally binding. Pregnancy does not qualify as exceptional circumstances and therefore cannot be used to justify the postponement of the thesis submission deadline.

aarhus university bss master thesis

Harassment, bullying and discrimination. The thesis supervisor will inform you about the reasons for the grade, and you will discuss how the thesis may be improved in order to pass the exam. You will receive an email from WISEflow, when the flow opens, and it is possible to upload your thesis. Many problems arise if there has not been a clear match of expectations right from the start. Pregnancy does not qualify as exceptional circumstances and therefore cannot be used to justify the postponement of the thesis submission deadline.


Good advice regarding your thesis process. Read more about applying for exemption. Study Centre Univerrsity in Aarhus. If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in a WISEflow group flow, please read and follow the instructions carefully. Contact your supervisor initially and clarify the reasons for the result. Please note that your Master’s thesis aarhue be uploaded and submitted by Harassment, bullying and discrimination. Registration for the Master’s thesis. This is a general arhus for producing your thesis — including the topic area and the plan for the supervision process.

Please note that there can fhesis be thesis requirements that are specific to your degree programme. To learn more about defence and assessment, please go to the course descriptionthe examination order in Danish or in the relevant academic regulation.

If you fail the thesis, one examination attempt has been used. How and when should I register for the Master’s Thesis? It masteg be an examination of empirical material, or it may represent a systematic enquiry into a theoretical subject based on existing literature.

Thesis contract

It is a good idea to start looking for material already to ensure that you universitg it when you need it in the thesis process. However, you need to be able to prove the unusual circumstances with a medical certificate or other form of public documentation. If you do not need the full thesis period, you are welcome to submit your thesis earlier. Please arrange when and how to do this with your supervisor.


A group can consist of a maximum of three members. First of all, go and talk to your supervisor. If your application bes accepted, your supervision plan will be adjusted.

Defence and assessment

If the thesis is not submitted on time or does not pass. The university can issue a new diploma provided that you contact the studies administration at your main academic area within three months of the announcement of your final exam result.

If you experience challenges at an early stage of your thesis, you universiy your supervisor can still manage to make adjustments so you can reach your goal on time. The supervision plan must be uploaded as a pdf file.

aarhus university bss master thesis

Have you got questions? If you become a parent during your Master’s thesis process, you have the opportunity to keep parental leave from your studies. However, the original deadline for submission will remain unchanged. Registration for the Master’s thesis.

aarhus university bss master thesis

It is a good idea to start with this plan at your first meeting because it can help you to remember the points mentioned above. Assessment of your thesis. If the submission date is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the deadline is the first working day after the deadline check WISEflow for exact date and time.