The guidelines for written assignments include: Ministry of LNV The project is evaluated solely on the basis of the contents of the main project and therefore the main project must be a complete and meaningful document independent of the appendices. Students enrolled before 1 September However, transcribing interviews will often lead to significantly better analyses of the data.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination. For this reason, it is important that the group members both work well together and are socially compatible. If you choose a thesis with a journalistic product exam form 3 , and if you want to produce something that is not a printed article, the design and scope must be discussed with the journalistic co-supervisor and is subject to the final approval from the academic supervisor. Furthermore, it is the largest business and social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic scope. If you do not submit the form at least 6 weeks before you submit your thesis, we will not have a co-examiner ready to assess your Master’s thesis in due time. Do you need help?

If you do not need the full thesis period, you are welcome to submit your thesis earlier. Aafhus dispensation must include an approval of the supervisor and the exam venue.

Master’s Thesis

All supervisors are specialised in each their different field. The guidelines for written assignments include: Counselling may commence 6 months prior to the bs of submission. Bxs is a good idea to discuss your topic and working title with your thesis supervisor as soon as you have submitted your application for this supervisor.

You have a new deadline of three months to submit the thesis, starting from the initial deadline. The extra material does not have to be a pdf-file, and you can hand in more than one file up to a maximum size of 5 GB.


Submission of thesis

The same procedure will follow if you fail the second attempt. You and you supervisor should also discuss your expectations and wishes in more general and personal terms.

If your maximum duration of studies is extended or shortened, your automatic registration aarus depend on your maximum duration of studies.

Preparing for the thesis process well in advance.

Master’s thesis

The university does not support the possibility of applying for a preliminary approval for the unemployment benefit office. Services and general info. The master’s thesis is the most independent part of the master’s thdsis work.

The final grade will be thesls upon the evaluation theesis the thesis itself by an external examiner and the supervisor. The length of the thesis must not exceed 80 standard pages; normally, a thesis will be between standard pages. Before you register a supervisor and a title for your bachelor’s project you must contact a potential supervisor who will commit to give you supervision within your chosen topic.

In the rare instances of problems between you and your supervisor, first try to sort it out with the supervisor by mentioning your concerns or issues to the supervisor.

If the submission deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next working day. The student guidance and information service also arranges courses and workshops which can help you to plan the process involved in producing your thesis.

aarhus bss thesis

Please contact the student counsellors if you need counselling or help to work out a study programme for the remaining part of your degree programme. Harassment, sbs and discrimination.

aarhus bss thesis

If this is not possible or the problem persists, you should contact the Programme Coordinator at the department where your project is registered:. It is important that you do not wait until you have handed in your project or until after the defence to address these issues, as misunderstandings or issues about the supervision process are not grounds for a subsequent complaint about the final grade.


If you do not hand in the bachelor thesis within in the deadline for submission, you have used an examination attempt. Before you start working on your thesis, you have to decide on a topic and develop a preliminary problem statement. You should now be able to subscribe for BachelorBuddy where you can create a ‘thread’ and make contact with other bachelor students.

Bachelor’s Thesis

Master’s thesis The master’s thesis is the most independent part of the master’s degree work. Help is available for searching for information at the AU libraries and at the State and University Library.

List of academic programme coordinators and programme administrators. If you are looking for a writing partner or a member for your bachelor project group, you can sign up for BachelorBuddy in Blackboard. It may be problems in a given organisation private or public company, interest group, etc. When you contact external parties organisations or individuals about a possible cooperation in connection with your project, you might need to use a confidentiality agreement between you and the company, which can be found here:.

You can only change your supervisor in exceptional circumstances, and you must submit an application to do this.

aarhus bss thesis

In principle, what your state on your registration form is your best suggestion for a problem statement at the given time in the process.