She no longer identifies herself as Torvald’s little lark, or his baby squirrel. Ibsen, knowingly or unknowingly, gave women, fictional and true, a voice. The play focuses on the seemingly happy Helmers, Nora and Torvald, who appear to have an ideal life. Plays in Performance ser. It addresses the issue of gender roles, showing how disempowered the female is and the consequences behind this. She has been freed through self actualization, and escaping the dollhouse becomes her greatest triumph. It is at this point that Nora realizes that the life and marriage she has been fighting so hard to protect by keeping her secret from coming to light is beyond saving.

She has been freed through self actualization, and escaping the dollhouse becomes her greatest triumph. How about receiving a customized one? This is the beginning of her realization. In creating Nora’s role Ibsen was way ahead of the times. Everything he tells his wife ought to be adhered to regardless of the consequences therein. For instance, when her husband dies, she has virtually nothing of her own, money and children inclusive.

Linde and Nora, Mrs. This is her life that she realizes later that it is no more than a lie.

a dolls house feminist thesis

She has been suppressed and simple her entire life and has allowed every man to define who she is. Linde is introduced the readers are given a different view of women in this society. The Age of Innocence Essays. She goes for this right. Of course, the couple has gone through difficult times in the past; in their first year of marriage, the couple was very poor and struggling to make ends meet when Torvald fell ill.

The way he questions Nora depicts his sternness and authoritative position in his family. Yet the old adage holds true: Linde’s husband passed away leaving her a widow and eventually she is jobless.


She is a feminist whom the play uses as an illustration that women can make sound decisions as well as playing a significant role in their families other than just cooking and taking care of their husbands. Breaking Down the Social Order Essay. While Anne Marie accepts her position, so does Nora to an extent. Ibsen presents what he thinks about men and women’s role in society, equality between genders, and feminism. However, when Nora speaks of these tough times, it seems to merely emphasize the good fortune the couple has fallen into now.

From this play you can observe what Ibsen believed about the roles of society, equality between males and females, and the idea of feminism.

This is no more than the realization that she is capable of working for her people just like her husband.

Analysis of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House: Feminist or Humanist?: Essay Example, words GradesFixer

This is her turning point. This play gave women a voice, a chance to stand up for themselves no matter the cost and most modern women would agree.

When Nora sees the freedom that her childhood friend has acquired upon losing her husband the resolve she had in keeping her secret about the forgery begins to wane though the audience does not see this until much later. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Linde tells Krogstad to let things be and let Nora and Torvald settle things on their own thus removing her title of “helpmate”.

This is why Nora is the mother of the modern world woman.

Feminism in a Doll House Essay

Linde marriage was financial security, but now that that has been taken from her she takes it upon herself to find a job and uses the friendship she has with Nora, whom is still married and subservient to her husband, in the hopes that she will be able to coax Torvald into getting Mrs.


After what seemed like endless exploration of the play, I found it incredibly difficult to come to a concrete conclusion on whether this text is humanist or feminist. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Your essay sample has been sent. In this way, the focus becomes less about Nora struggling with her sense of self, and more about the identities of both characters.

A supporter of reading the text as humanist rather than feminist might argue that this is hardly the sort of statement a female activist would make. Nora was a typical wife in the 19th century. As a doll plays its assigned role, not based on the situation, Nora has to tolerate this torture for the sake of her husband.

a dolls house feminist thesis

When Torvald explains to dear Nora that having a deceitful mother poisons the children, she accepts this as truth, eventually deciding to leave her precious dollies. She is a direct contrast to Nora Helmer. Anne Marie, the Helmers’ nurse, embodies everything that Nora is not. She has been freed through self actualization, and escaping feminis dollhouse becomes her greatest triumph.

Nora feels she can better herself and leaving her husband and children is the only way dol,s do it.