The chair of the Honors Committee will instruct the Registrar to designate “Awarded College Honors” on the student’s transcript. The DUR application must be accompanied by a letter of support from the project mentor. The course provides support and a timetable for the execution and completion of the thesis project. Honors Theses range from 30 pages to 80 pages or more, though most are between 40 and 60 pages. This is a thesis preparation course which includes finding a thesis mentor, and begin the drafting of any thesis proposal or other-research related materials such as an IRB proposal.

It also does not cover the cost of copying your thesis. If students complete all four years of Honor College requirements in addition to their school or college major requirements, they will graduate as Honors College Scholars. Enroll in CEMS generally in the spring semester. HON C must also be specifically contracted with a faculty member. The only remaining function of the Committee is to certify to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences that the student’s thesis has been successfully completed. Honors Project and Seminar three credits — in the spring of the junior year.

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Students are encouraged to present their work at the Student Research Conference, held in the Davis Center in the spring.

Most of you will write your thesis under the supervision of an advisor from your major department.

All revisions are due by April In the sciences, your advisor may be part of an existing research team, and so can assign you a question to answer in his or her research program. The early sessions theis mainly on general but valuable advising information: During this time you will work out a rough outline for your thesis, and, with the help of the Reference Librarian librarian contact for Honors College students is Patricia Mardeusz,patricia. ENVS is offered in both semesters, and ideally is taken in the second semester of junior year.


The chair of the Honors Committee will instruct the Registrar to designate “Awarded College Honors” on the student’s transcript. Typically, these 6 credits are distributed evenly between the first and second semesters, i.

Thesis presentation and defense must be publicly announced at least one week prior to its umv. Students planning to study abroad in the ncol of their junior year must speak with their academic advisor or a member of the BSAD Students Services team as early as possible in order to plan coursework and thesis preparation.

Specific due dates are published every year; usually the due date is the second Friday in September of the senior year. Students then spend several weeks working through the process of formulating a proposal finding an advisor, identifying a research question, working on a literature reviewand then meet again in one session after mid-semester to participate in an organized peer review of the documents each student will produce, the Thesis Pre-Proposal Memorandum.

Thesis Defense requirements Students must give some public oral presentation of the thesis, within two weeks following the initial thesis submission, and no later than April 15 of the senior year. At least one Committee member must be in the student’s major department.

Honors Thesis Guidelines

How do you write a literature review? Not only will you graduate with Honors; you will have a lasting reminder of your college years — a bound thesis that is entirely your own work. The course consists of five minute sessions over the semester: In their junior and senior years, Honors College students focus more intensively on their major field of study in their home school or colleges.

The only remaining function of the Committee is to certify to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences that the student’s thesis has been successfully completed.

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Reapplication is only permitted if funds cannot be spent within this time frame due to extenuating circumstances. Students work with their individual advisor; there is no committee or outside readers.


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Some students may kvm already identified a research mentor by the junior year; others will do so either during CALSor in their junior year research-related coursework. The table that follows contains information about whether or not HON is required or recommended by the colleges and schools. In addition, Honors College students in the College of Arts and Sciences will register for HONa required zero credit seminar meeting once a month for all Honors College thesis writers.

Junior/Senior Curriculum

Thesis due date A completed thesis is due no later than the last officially scheduled day of spring classes in the yhesis senior year, with an electronic copy submitted to BSAD Student Services. For more thdsis on thesis research requirements, credits, and graduation requirements, please contact BSAD Student Services atstudentservices bsad. Even in cases where the course is recommended, the units have made it clear that the course is strongly recommended. Once the schedule is written up, stick to it!

uvm hcol thesis

Descriptive narrative of project: We do invite all Honors College seniors writing theses to stop by the Honors College offices to pick up a copy card which is theiss to assist with printing costs.

Students eligible for a waiver of the HON requirement include the following: Students studying abroad for their entire junior year. Remember that any safety training necessary must be completed and documented prior to application.

Applicants must provide a brief written justification for the budget they have developed, including supporting statements addressing the nature and cost of the requested supplies as they relate to the project objectives and methodology.

A letter of faculty support may be delivered separately; evidence of home college thesis approval, must be attached.