Whether you’re in the planning stages, preparing to defend or completing the submission process these pages will provide you with the information and resources you’ll need to ensure you’re successful each step of the way. The external examiner must be from outside of the university. The University provides free assistance to students who have software-specific questions. She will then submit all the forms to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office. Crop marks or cut lines are appreciated and requested so we can see where exactly you would like the cuts to be made. We do three types of stapling: Usually, these agreements transfer copyright in your work to the publisher, leaving you with very few rights to the work.

This machine allows us to increase our speed, lower our cost and cut our downtime for repairs. The Copyright Office has create a template letter for you to use when requesting permissions. Make all revisions after the defense. Do not contact the external examiner directly. Return to secondary navigation. This copy should be letter-perfect:

This feature is an very unique process and has major bindint, however there is a higher cost associated with it. Bring your Printing to life! Skip to primary navigation.

Do I have to have my thesis printed and bound? – UVic Libraries FAQs

Digital Storefront Please note that Printing Services has updated our online ordering site. All interviews must be completed and signed off before the examination. Should you have any questions please contact the Copyright Office. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. When you can’t obtain permission, you must either: This copy should be letter-perfect: Return to global menu. Skip to global menu. Please note that Printing Services has updated our online ordering site.


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Skip to secondary navigation. Please also ask the Graduate Program Yhesis for the Degree Completion Checklist – this list contains all of the steps that you will need to follow to complete your degree requirements.

uvic thesis binding

You must allow at least two weeks for your supervisor to review your thesis. When distributing your thesis, tell your committee when you are hoping to defend so that you can get an idea if this is a suitable time for them.

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Return to global menu. Regulations governing the choice of external examiners are as follows: Stitching gives the same result as a staple — stitching is the term used when the staples are created from bindint length of steel wire.

uvic thesis binding

However, if you’ve already applied, bonding know that you will not meet the requirements to graduate on time, notify the Graduate Admission and Records Office. At the defense you will give a 20 minute presentation followed by questions.

The director will contact the external examiner on your behalf and confirm their availability to attend the examination on the specified date and time. Shrinkwrapping is an excellent and inexpensive way of packaging course materials that have been three-hole theeis or to keep tapes or CDs packaged with your manual.


uvic thesis binding

A copy for you A copy for your supervisor and a separate copy for your co-supervisor, if applicable A copy for the Reading Room A copy for the Cancer Clinic for Medical Physics grads The Graduate Program Assistant will send your copies away for binding and let you know when they’re ready for pick-up. Set a date and time for your oral examination. The Graduate Program Assistant will send your copies away for binding and let you know when they’re ready for pick-up.

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Return to page content. The Graduate Program Assistant will prepare two forms and give them to your supervisor to take to the oral: Return to page content. The external examiner can attend via videoconference.

Include the title page, supervisory committee page, and abstract page the abstract should not exceed words. The distribution is as follows: Folding Our electric folder can fold your brochures, flyers or newsletters in a variety of styles. There are many resources in this section to help you with this important part of your graduate student experience.

Skip to secondary navigation. When any applicable changes are approved by all members of your supervisory committee, forward an approval email from your supervisor to the graduate assistant.