This dissertation adds to the body of literature that has reported about medical communication challenges. If a committee member feels that his or her earlier comments were not yet dealt with, he or she can refuse to review again until they are. In general, the agencies treated organized Native American groups as equal partners in the environmental assessment process. The committee’s decision should be informed by the TTU Graduate School’s ” Doctoral Oral Defense Guidelines ,” which remind us that “the examination is a public affair and the candidate should be prepared to defend his or her work before anyone who may question it. It also provides a mechanism to recognize and account for the variety of meaning-making structures seen in the composition and the constraints that provide definition to the genre space.

Cultural memory institutions utilize digital preservation management systems and hosting technology that are intended to ensure long-term access to and file integrity of the digitized objects, which serve as avatars of the physical objects. I argue that while this understanding is accurate, it is also incomplete. The program emphasizes five broad areas in its scholarship, coursework, and initiatives:. Companies holding membership in the Fair Labor Association were chosen for this study due to the preponderance of positive external audit outcomes and the apparent investment in corporate social responsibility that such a membership conveys. We always reject these applications, as we have explicitly asked for specifics. This dissertation adds to the body of literature that has reported about medical communication challenges.

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As a technical communicator, it was my job to translate the already existing work on low-cost eye tracking into a more usable form.

Thirdly, although the framing in Houston’s writings reveals greater sympathy and support for Indians, his many unfavorable frames could have had adverse effects on Indians, similar to those of Lamar that consistently depicted Indians in an unfavorable way. Department of English Graduate Programs Master’s.

Current complex systems theory emerging from Technical Communication opens promising avenues for user experience research into metadata as a complex system. I interviewed politicians, political advisors, civil servants, and business leaders responsible for the introduction of Ontario’s value-added tax in known as the Harmonized Sales Tax or HST and examined print and media artifacts to answer this question.

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You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. The purpose of this study is to see if the genre of the IMRaD formatted article is continuing to evolve, allowing for the acknowledgement of the individual in the collective construction dossertation knowledge as reflected in the rhetorical construction of agency within the Methods section. Global tdr change is a highly controversial issue that draws strong emotional and conflicting responses, ranging from total denial to doomsday scenarios.


American clinicians, medical centers, and hospital systems have been motivated to incorporate electronic medical records into the delivery of care through the threat of government-imposed financial disincentives, and some American technology superpowers, like Google and Microsoft, have even attempted to develop and promote individualized personal health records that are compiled, trc, and disseminated by each citizen-patient.

I am an instrument of this request for an answer. Remapping the Graduate Experience. It is all of the above, consistently applied across the entire dissertation. Based dissertwtion this research in these collaborative spaces I redefine patient agency through the lens of rhetorical agency. The research began with the guiding questions how does this technology support the cultural group, how does this use differ from historically documented uses of the technology, and how does that use support or refute theories regarding online technologies?

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What is unique about this study is that there is very little, if any, research dissertatioon hospitalists’ perceptions of communication and the impact that the hospitalist profession has made on communication within the medical setting.

Although not always accepted in academic circles, his work has influenced ways in which scholars look at and understand the reach of the mediated image, both static and dynamic. This dissertation argues th instructors of engineering communication must continue to study workplace practices and gather perceptions of managers to provide students with relevant instruction.

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In practical terms, the results of this study may help theorists, researchers, and anyone engaged professionally with rhetoric understand the vital role ideographs play in support of metaphor, thus allowing a more conscious recognition and use of ideographs in metaphor-driven persuasive artifacts.

The expansion of Islam requires new discussions which take into consideration how today’s Diseertation women, from widely varied backgrounds, make meaningful decisions about what is most important when practicing their faith.

In order to overcome the problem of transfer, we must improve our understanding about writing apprehension and the role it plays in the transformation to writer. An additional 15 hours may be used for a minor in a related field. These reports may be supplemented by safety recommendations that help to prevent future accidents from occurring. However, within this technological communication system, users are selective in what technologies and faucets of the technology they choose to use, and they choose to use it in ways that both reinforce and create their own cultural experiences.


Thus, preservation is accomplished in two ways: Data collection commenced in the summer of with dissertxtion targeted sample of instructors and students in online undergraduate technical communication service courses at colleges and universities in the United States.

The degree in TCR requires 45 hours of graduate work in ttj and technical communication beyond the bachelor’s degree.

ttu tcr dissertation

I first collected academic grant proposals, then asked professional editors to edit those grant proposals, then asked experienced reviewers to review and rate both the edited and unedited grant proposals. In my research design I use observation, interviews, and a survey to analyze healthcare professionals’ perspectives regarding usability challenges during the clinical documentation process.

Posted in Uncategorized Tagged: If there is a correlative dependence, what variables within the corporate codes of ethics appear to increase positive or negative outcomes? Your attendance will be documented in your annual review folder, and it is up to you to demonstrate compliance with this policy.

As part of its textual canon, the International Coffee Organization ICO has developed a rhetoric of economic sustainability. Do those strategies change based on the primary complaint a patient is being seen for chronic versus acute complaints? The Kibuye Model offers comprehensive support for writers during this difficult but beneficial work. Every committee may set up its own rules for progress reports, the sharing of text, and communication channels, but the default position of the program is that you and your chair work closely to transition from the post-quals proposal to finished dissertation prose.

Through in-depth case study research, I ultimately unearthed a set of heuristics that can be used in future studies about games and learning, as well as a set of best practices in instructional design that can potentially be used in several different ways, including how to study video games as instructional documentation and how to construct a higher education classroom as a game.

While the former may celebrate cochlear implants as a technological wonder, many in the latter claim instead that cochlear implant technology poses a lethal threat to Deaf culture and sign language.