ICT-integratie in de klas: Development and validation of a model of ICT integration in primary education more. Institute of the Americas. Faber and Faber, Openbare verdediging tot het behalen van de academische graad van Doctor in de Wetenschappen van de heer Doryan Temmerman. Small exercises with GPower will challenge participants to reason with these concepts and offer relevant practice. The results also indicate that the items differ in their degree of difficulty.

Techno- Perform, or Else: Performing Arts , Intermediality , Adaptation , and Morphing. This meta-analysis seeks to clarify some of these issues by combining meta-analysis with structural equation modeling approaches. The latter is important given that the different cultural context in which the interplay between teacher beliefs and educational practices has only been documented quiet little. Wil jij graag je stempel drukken op een sociaal project in een ontwikkelingsland?

Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific.


Tesis Industrial Managers for Europeeen netwerk van universiteiten in Europa en de wereld. At the same time, teachers’ Technological, Pedagogical, and A three-factor structure of computer use in primary education was identified: All participants will be invited to bring in their own research experiences and to connect these experiences with social constructionist theory.

Due, precisely, to the logic of simultaneity on which it thrives, mediaturgy mediates audience perceptions towards the essentially layered quality of interpretation and creation alike.

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Eet je graag lekker, lokaal en ecologisch? VAL studiedag ‘Generische hybriditeit’.


Hill and Wang, The History of Forgetting: This course aims at teaching researchers how to find and select essential scientific information to make a scientific presentation e.

Furthermore, the students value the flexibility and the face-to-face moments in OBL. Journal for Literary and Intermedial Crossings No.

Deleuze and Guattari, Implications for research and practice are discussed. But schrijcen Belgium said entanglement tends to get further intermingled by a culture of compromise that may interrupt or re-route the materialization of myths at any given moment. This training of two days includes discussions in plenary groups and hands-on exercises.

Het resultaat is niet bindend, dat betekent dat je je zal kunnen inschrijven ongeacht het resultaat dat je behaalt. Van zaterdag 16 december tot en met vrijdag 2 februari richt de Studiebegeleiding extra studieruimtes in. Digital Humanities Benelux Publication Name: Such intermedial constellation arguably stimulates a reconsideration of spectatorial strategies, the constitutive role of design in aesthetic signification, and the heuristic range of the artifice alike.

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What we can do today to ensure a long flourishing future for humanity? Lay Description What is already known about this topic: Kijk snel als je wil weten of dit robotje ook al onverwoestbaar is Drawing on this parallel, my presentation will illustrate said reasoning by focusing on the production of Camille by the Meyerhold Theatre Company.


For even if a computerized code evolves in rhizomatic fashion, its algorithm, contrary to human means of expression, is bound to a rigidly circumscribed type of in- and —output. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in teacher education: Building on the already troubled conversion from James M.

Thedis students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty are welcome. Onderzoek en onderwijsOnderzoeksbeleidOnderwijsand Onderwijskunde. While teacher educators modelling technology use are an important motivator for beginning teachers to use technology in their own teaching, field experiences seem to be the most critical factor influencing their current practice.

thesis schrijven vub

The research literature reports many examples of successful TPD but there remain many challenges to wider and deeper success in the variety of different contexts. Additionally, elaboration of the term ‘sharing’ is provided for deeper understandings of the ways in which teachers engage in their professional learning networks.

The model adds to the holistic approach when explaining ICT integration in education because teachers are not considered as completely independent, but sharing their school context.

InterdisciplinarityIntermedialityand Poetics.