While these instruments can be significant components of the investment programs of the Investment Funds in which the Company invests and may indirectly affect the performance of the Company, it is presently contemplated that the Company will not enter directly into derivatives transactions. Separately, directional equity managers may incur losses if they are wrong about the timing of a certain market trend will realize, even if they are correct in terms of direction and if long positions underperform the shorts. The Policies provide that the Adviser will vote client proxies in a manner that serves the best interest of the client, as determined by the Adviser in its discretion, taking into account relevant factors, including: A decline in actual or implied stock volatility of the issuing companies can cause premiums to contract on the convertible bonds. Managers employing these strategies will generally aim to hedge interest rates and focus on extracting value from mispriced credit risk.

Absent that fee, Other Expenses shown above would be 0. The consummation of mergers, tender offers and exchange offers can be prevented or delayed by a variety of factors, including: If before the end of any quarter of its taxable year, the Company believes that it may fail the Subchapter M asset diversification requirement, the Company may seek to take certain actions to avert such a failure. An investor who meets the eligibility conditions imposed by the Investment Funds, including minimum initial investment requirements that generally will be substantially higher than those imposed by the Company, could invest directly in the Investment Funds. Transactions of this sort could result in the Company directly or indirectly incurring certain transaction costs without accomplishing any net investment result. First, particular investments may experience outright losses, as in the case of an interest-only security in an environment of faster-than-expected actual or anticipated prepayments.

Such litigation typically involves significant uncertainties and may impose additional costs and expenses upon the company, the participating Investment Fund and indirectly the Company.

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Some ETNs that use leverage can, at times, be relatively illiquid and, thus, they may be difficult to thesos or sell at a fair price. The Directors believe that Mr. These Placement Agents often recommend or have authority to make subscription or redemption decisions on behalf of Shareholders.

These securities may pay fixed, variable or floating rates of interest, and may include zero coupon obligations. Some REITs have relatively small market capitalizations, which can tend to increase the volatility of the market price of find securities.


This limit applies to the Company and not to the Investment Funds. The Company may invest temporarily directly in high-quality fixed-income securities and money market instruments or may hold cash or cash equivalents pending the investment of assets in Investment Funds or optiam maintain the liquidity necessary to effect repurchases of Shares or for other purposes.

Thesis Optima Income B Acc (B8FLKT2.L)

The proceeds from the sale of Prosoectus, net of fees and expenses, will be invested by the Company to pursue its investment program and objectives as soon as practicable, consistent with market conditions and the availability of suitable investments, after receipt of such proceeds by the Company. Income loss from investment operations:.

thesis optima fund prospectus

No assurance can be given that this investment objective will be achieved or that the Company will not lose money. A market-neutral strategy requires both a long and short position. Federal Reserve Bank, European Central Bank and other central banks injected significant liquidity into markets and otherwise made significant funds, guarantees and other accommodations available to certain financial institutions, eventual withdrawal or reduction of those governmental supports is in process and could drive a return to elevated levels of market stress, volatility, impaired liquidity, funding and credit.

The adverse effects of prepayments may indirectly affect the Company in two ways. In addition, some companies in initial public offerings are involved in relatively new industries or lines of business, which may not be widely understood by investors.

The Investment Fund may be required to maintain minimum average balances in connection with its borrowings or to pay a commitment or other fee to maintain a line of credit; either of these requirements would increase the cost of borrowing over the stated interest rate. ETNs also incur certain expenses not incurred by their applicable reference instrument.

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The business of identifying and structuring investments of the types contemplated by the Company is specialized, and involves a high degree of uncertainty. Recent Market Events and Government Regulation. Price to Public 1. Inception Date Nov 19, Consequently, Shares should only be acquired by investors able to commit their funds for an indefinite period of time.

The Company and the Investment Funds may, pursuant to government regulations or rules of futures exchanges or boards of trade, be subject to limits on the size of positions that they may take in particular futures contracts, which would hinder the Company or the Investment Fund from achieving its investment objective. In determining whether the Company should offer to repurchase Shares, the Board of Directors will consider the recommendations of the Adviser as to the timing of such an offer, as well as a variety of operational, business and economic factors.


thesis optima fund prospectus

However, no assurance can be made that such transactions will fully protect the Investment Funds against such risks, and it should be noted that hedging transactions involve risks different from those of the underlying securities.

However, there can be no guarantee that the intended 1. Prospective investors should not rely on any information not contained in this Prospectus. Interests in Investment Funds are themselves illiquid and generally are subject to substantial restrictions with respect to redemptions or withdrawals and on transfer. It is not anticipated that Shares will be listed on any securities exchange or traded in other markets, and Shares will be subject to substantial restrictions on transfer.

Risk management with respect to portfolio construction will seek to achieve diversification across trading styles and investment strategies, asset classes and markets.

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To the extent that the portfolio of an Investment Fund is concentrated in securities of a single issuer or issuers in a single industry, the risk associated with any investment decision made by the Investment Manager of such Investment Fund is increased. This Prospectus contains extensive disclosures relating to the risks and opportunities presented by various types of derivative instruments, consisting of futures, swaps and options. The Nominating and Compensation Committee does not consider proposals from Shareholders in connection with proxy solicitations.

Should termination occur, the ETF could have to liquidate its portfolio when the prices for those assets are falling. Although the Adviser anticipates that most Investment Funds will invest primarily in publicly traded securities, they may invest a portion propsectus the value of their total assets in restricted securities and other investments that are illiquid.

There have been cases where final proapectus are different from thsis and important clauses are misinterpreted, both leading to significant losses for arbitrageurs.