My first reason for this is that to master anything takes hours and hours of practice. Lastly, the language of causality so often used by Historians, can be deconstructed so students learn to identify and use it themselves. Many teachers I have spoken to lack the direction of an in department marking policy. My history department is hosting a history conference on Saturday 25th February Choosing a Joint Honours History and English Degree was the best decision I made during my short sortie into academia.

Create a Sign Up. I recently took part in a discussion in which a member of the audience — a sixth-former — said that as she was a Muslim with Indian roots whose family had moved to London via East Africa, she could not see how she could be part of English history. But there were leading feminists who were little concerned with the parliamentary suffrage, or even regarded it as undesirable. For precisely this reason, the teaching of history arouses emotions in many countries. I presume it means a narrative not overburdened with detail or interpretation, and hence flexible and adaptable enough to incorporate a variety of meanings and experiences. I believe this kind of dedication needs to be taught. Likewise, if students found any knowledge difficult they had the option to sit down, without the judgement of others, to discuss what they did not understand.

Students were required to record down what the teacher had said they had done well and their targets set through a combination of the marking codes and whole class feedback. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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I thought that at the very least! It was a pleasure to attend a session led by the head of department, Louis Everett. This is a guest post from historian Professor Robert Tombs. I know of very few history departments that do not teach mixed ability KS3 classes, therefore history teachers are well equipped to differentiate their lessons to ensure they are accessible to the whole ability range. The area of a quarter circle is There was a parallel insistence that historical study was aimed at the acquisition of certain skills, such as the ability to assess evidence, compare arguments and detect bias.


Firstly, we ensured there were high expectations of every student regardless of ability or background.

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If history teaching is to help children to develop an intelligent understanding of their own time, it must consciously avoid presenting the past as simply a less successful version of the present, in which earlier generations are merely ourselves in different clothes, with fewer gadgets and less enlightened ideas. It certainly requires constant effort on the part of teachers, textbook writers, examining bodies and the whole educational establishment.

Have you tried this Amazon trick? However, this can only be the case if the homework is planned into the curriculum at the beginning of wlcs academic year. Saturday 25 th February the history department at West London Free School hosted its first national history teaching conference.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If the circumference of a circle is 44cm, what is its diameter? In those days, joint degrees were something of a rarity. Perimeter and Area of Polygons: This is often used at A level where the feedback given tends to be more precise.

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The comment cited at the beginning of this post reflects the worry that Homewprk history may not suit all students. What is the diameter of the circle?

Blackadder and Horrible Histories have been mentioned publicly. While this has been academically discredited, [3] it survives in simplified form.

History can be, and in my opinion should be, taught to be accessible to all and GCSE is no exception to that. However the strong routines, high expectations and clear guidance on the knowledge required an only be good for pupils. In addition to the past as entertainment, it has also in recent years become a growing means of collective self-assertion, including by claiming personal or vicarious victimhood for which public recognition and sometimes symbolic or material atonement is demanded.


Many prominent members of the education community blogged and tweeted their praise for the conference:. As secondary teachers, we must remember that students move from a History lesson to double Science, then to Geography, followed by English in which they will be exposed to a plethora of subject specific polysyllabic vocabulary, often of Latin or Greek origin.

I never did reconcile cycling down Whiteladies Road and up Blackboy Hill on the way to lectures.

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However, our stepping up of the amount of individualised support we offered at GCSE level meant that students were much less likely to feel they could not cope with GCSE content or the exam technique in their written answers. Please update to the latest version immediately and ensure JavaScript is enabled.

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Firstly, I like the use of knowledge organisers. In France, history occupies a larger part of the curriculum, is pursued by more pupils to a later stage, and at the secondary level is generally taught by highly qualified teachers with a postgraduate certificate in history awarded after a competitive examination.

WLFS Conference – Part Two

Such direct involvement would be most unlikely in Britain. These ranged from testing basic chronology to more precise factual recall; however essentially such tests were either peer or self-assessed in lessons to ensure we were not marking unnecessarily, whilst ensuring students were consistently held to account and could see value in working to retain their knowledge. However, I think this has been a major contributing factor to the increase in results in our department over the past three years despite the increase in numbers.