Riaz found that Determinants on capital structure, case of Pakistani Government owned and private firms. Financial leverage metrics compare the funds supplied to a company by creditors to the funds supplied by the company’s owners. The same appreciation s will be for members from thesis group and for the teacher and members from groupies course. It is open crystals that both are market leaders and have effective advertising strategy; mostly customers come after seeing company ads. An assistance of rs. Further, with the technological advancement, more and more telecom services were becoming available but there was not enough money available with the corporation to install new telecom systems for the provision of modern services.

Hamada and Rubinstein demonstrate that a firm’s beta should increase if the firm finances more heavily with debt. Services provided will be personal and tailored to individual needs. Sample size of her exploration comprised of 20 open constrained organizations from fuel and vitality division recorded at Karachi Stock Exchange and time period comprise years Etisalat stands th among the Financial Times Top Corporations in the world in terms of market capitalization, and is ranked by The Middle East magazine as the 6th largest company in the Middle East in terms of capitalization and revenues. Leverage helps both the investor and the firm to invest or operate. Impact of Deregulation on Mobile Sector 14 1.

Profitability was used as dependent variable and was measured as the ratio of net income after tax to total assets and financial leverage was used as the independent variable and was measured as the ratio of total debt propoeal total assets ratio.

Marketing Research proposal of Advertising Strategy Ufone and Warid

For study purpose this study is going to conduct for getting knowledge how what people think when they see the company ads, what are their perception towards particular company ads. The decline in the profits of the company due to the above-cited reason has led to a decrease in the gross margin percentage also. Leverage Position 24 1. But this cannot lead to decide that debt is always bad. Mean while, a look at the financial statements of parent companies of cellular companies for 9MCY13 indicates their growth has slowed down.


Following is the background to respective companies: Times interest earned 11 1. These individual and institutional investors become creditors and receive ownership interest in exchange for their funds. Towards this end, all the facets involved in provisioning of products and services are thoroughly checked for quality aspects. This study used the secondary data from annual reports of companies from to They are totally independent in providing telephones connections, their look after and generation of revenue there from.

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Pproposal market in Pakistan is extremely competitive and PTCL has the largest nationwide installed network infrastructure capability including switching, transmission, fiber optic backbone, co-location and international capacity.

Market is targeted through market segmentation. If one unit increases in financial leverage than the profitability decreases by 0. Leverage increases the high risk of profitability H Summary 32 2.

Marketing Research proposal of Advertising Strategy Ufone and Warid

The impact of the degree of operating and financial leverage on systematic risk of common stock. Rajni Saini conducted a study on Impact of Financial Leverage on Shareholders Return and business sector underwriting from the Indian Telecom part organizations. Objectives of study 29 Chapter 02 Literature review and Research methodology 30 2.

research proposal on ufone

Research Hypothesis 35 2. Segmentation can be done on four types i.

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Click here to sign up. The findings from this research are as follows: In there were less than cell sites erected by all mobile operators all together for provision of mobile services.


If that value is negative, which is in our case, this priposal there is a negative relationship exist between predictor and dependent variable.

Introduction of Etisalat 28 1.

Debt to equity ratio was used to measure financial leverage whereas financial performance is measured using Return on Asset, Earning per share, Net Profit margin, Sales growth and return on equity.

Total debt to asset ratio or debt ratio What proportion of the company’s total funding is provided by creditors? The findings of the study suggest the decline in performance of PTCL during the observed time period. The advantage of debt financing those are well defined is mostly different in return rate earned by optimally unleveled and levered firms net of a return best to recompense for possible bankruptcy costs Kane, Marcus, and Mc Donal, A variety of business models is emerging that involves a wide range of players, including mobile network operators mnOstechnology partners and other associated businesses.

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The return on operating assets stands at Nevertheless, a relationship could be identified between leverage and expected stock returns. PTCL Vfone is a superior phone connection with advanced features like Internet, caller ID, speaker phone, address book etc that lets you connect wirelessly to the whole world.

In PTCL monopoly comes to an end when government decided to completely liberalize proposwl telecommunication industry.

In year there is highest leverage ratio and that leads to high change in return volatility 0.