These were subsequently reported from the flowers also are the tribes Gopala Keonjhar district , Kandha and Brahmin Chauhan et al. Integrative Cancer Therapies 1, — Substan- ered by such Ayurvedic preparations, as compared with the tial increase in the inhibition of both human complement activity reference anti-inflammatory drug phenylbutazone Alam et al. Norbergenin, a new C- and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 11, — Ground tissues are composed of 6—7 layers of oval to oblong cells embedded with cluster crystals of calcium oxalate and few simple, oval starch grains [ Figure 13 ]. A wide range of chemical compounds including tannins especially those of macrocyclic hydrolysable class , flavonoids, anthraquinone glycosides, and polyphenols have been isolated from this species in recent times. Popular Book and oenothein B.

Hydrolyzable tannin oligomers with flower of Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz. The catalase and GPx are enzymatic antioxidants widely distributed in all animal tissues that decomposes hydrogen peroxide and protects the tissue from highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. It has for the management of bronchial asthma and a process of manufacturing the same. Ethnopharmacological and ethnobotanical knowledge the plant Woodfordia fruticosa as a potential candidate for peptic are percolating down to these days among the tribal popula- ulcer diseases Goswami et al. Quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant, prevents and protects against ethanol-induced oxidative stress in mouse liver. Plant Micro Techniques; p. The significant reductions of protein in diclofenac intoxicated group indicate depletion in the protein reserve and thus suggest hepatic toxicity.

The zone of inhibition was measured after 24 hrs using disc diffusion assay. Deutsche Tier- drugs enhanced with woodfordi. Underneath this, 2—3 layers of collenchyma present [ Figure 14 ].


Biologic factors such as hepatitis virus, bile duct obstruction, cholesterol overload, etc. Diagrammatic transverse section of midrib. Ethanol Methanol Aqueous Standard antibiotic: It is being used as a source of medicinal agents for antibacterial, antihelminthic, astringent, emetic, sedative and stimulant.

research paper on woodfordia fruticosa

Indian Materia Medica, vol. An antiaging formulation fruticosa flowers, has also been demonstrated to inhibit 5-alpha containing Woodfordia fruticosa, useful as elastase inhibitor, reductase and aromatase Lesuisse et al. Acknowledgments We are thankful to Mr. The fresh flowers of Woodfordia fruticosa were collected from Junagadh Girnar regionGujarat, India in the month of March Materials and Methods Collection of sample Drug required for the study was collected from pollution free area; thoroughly washed under running tap water, and allowed water to drain from leaves.

Physico-chemical content Powder shows average ash value 5. Antitumor activity of ellagitannins Khare, C. The behavioural patterns of and dried in a hot air oven. Swaminarayan Pharmacy College, Salvav. Recent demonstration of lipoxygenase and generate enhanced activity of the medicinal values in question.

research paper on woodfordia fruticosa

Toxic effects of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac. Observations included changes in skin, eyes The plant selected for the proposed study, Woodfordia and mucous membranes and behavioral pattern. Oral use of powdered bark in managing diarrhea is well known. Rapid micropropagation of Woodfordia fruticosa L.

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Effect of WFM on different biochemical parameters in diclofenac induced hepatic damage in rats. Management of bronchial anti-tumor activity in vivo Kuramochi-Motegi et al. The fruits are molecules, and biochemical and pharmacological studies of this small capsules, ellipsoid and membranous, usually splitting the useful plant.


Fruticoa effect of pineapple Ananas cosmosus peel extract on alcohol-induced oxidative stress in brain tissues of male albino rats.

Free hand section of midrib, lamina were taken with the help of platinum razor blades. The seeds are issues is also included. We are thankful to Mr. Although all parts of this plant possess valuable East Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and medicinal properties, there is a heavy demand for the flowers, Pakistan as well as Tropical Africa Kirtikar and Basu, Anti-bacterial activity of the flowers of Woodfordia fruticosa on different micro-organisms.

The upper and lower epidermii are covered with thick cuticle and numerous simple, curved uni to multicellular trichomes. Studies on hepatoprotective and antioxidant actions of Strychnos potatorum Linn.

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Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of a mangrove plant Lumnitzera racemosa. Protective effect of Mollugo nudicaulis Lam. Hydro distillation of Stephania glabra tubers and Woodfordia fruticosa leaves.

research paper on woodfordia fruticosa