Open Preview See a Problem? Kris rated it really liked it Apr 20, A great introduction and analysis of how ISIS started, why it is propagating and what went wrong. And that means taking action in the area. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The first man I have ever read who gave George Bush marks for emotional intelligence as well as a deep understanding of the issues in the Middle East. Quarterly Essay 1 – 10 of 75 books. All but one entrance to the resort is sealed; there are no other guests. The Inner Life in the Digital Age. The thing that I took out of this essay is that if we stand by and do nothing we will all pay the price of our civil liberties being eroded away to nothing within a few years. Trivia About Blood Year:

A fairly politics-free analysis of the evolution of the Islamic State. There’s no denying that Kilcullen is an effective writer, he’s also an effective propagandist for himself.

Blood Year

The answer, like most things in war, takes a while to unfold but is essentially simple: Overhead a silver aerostat, a surveillance blimp positioned to detect the visual or heat signature of anyone approaching across the desert, glints in the sun. People just don’t want to fight wars as much as Kilcullen does, so he is left with a tragic sense of the Western power’s lack of ‘political will’.

Jul 21, Geoff rated it liked it. The goal was to dismantle AQ into a series of smaller, regional groups that could then be dealt with through local partnerships, advisory efforts and targeted strikes. I’ve had the honour of interviewing him sometime ago, he’s certainly is an info-bank. By Kilcullen was needed again quarterlt help General Petreus devise and implement the ‘Surge’ counterinsurgency strategy which righted the US ship in Iraq.


I still find it a bit difficult to see who is really aligned to who and whether ISIS is a group of radical fruitca If you read a few books on this topic, you will get a few different opinions. And that means taking action in the area. It is worth reading for another perspective on the competing influences and motivations. Definitely worth reading to better understand where we are, and whilst it offers prescriptions of what to do, I Both enlightening and depressing. We saw the rise of ISIS, the splintering of government in Iraq, and foreign fighters – many from Europe, Australia and Africa – flowing into Syria at a rate ten times that during the height of the Iraq War.

Everyone should read this article to understand the geopolitical tensions at the moment and the emergence of Daesh and the role the West played in this. If you have an instinct that the west created the horrible situation we now have with Islamic State, this very detailed account takes you through the detail.

David Kilcullen | Quarterly Essay

I guess I should wait a few months and read a bit more. Definitely worth reading to better understand where we are, and whilst it offers prescriptions of what to do, I can’t say I like the prescription or am hopeful for its success if anyone kicullen decide to follow it.

quarterly essay david kilcullen

This is a vivid, urgent account of the War on Terror by someone who helped shape its strategy, as well as witnessing its evolution on the ground. We’re here to help.


Henin’s Jihad Academy is dominated by Syria. We have removed our troops from Iraq.

quarterly essay david kilcullen

If Kilcullen were a more poetic writer, he might have finished with Lawrence’s lines: What threats does it pose to Australia?

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. Mark Wood rated it really liked it May 25, Other books in the series. However Obama’s ‘premature’ withdrawal of forces threw those davic away.

Open Preview See a Problem? Then George W Bush made the catastrophic error of invading Iraq. Sep 21, Julia Gorman rated it really liked it Shelves: Brian rated it really liked it May 24, In this essay, he charts the birth of ISIS from the al Qaeda in Iraq insurgent group and their rise in Syria and in Iraq to the point where they are now a de facto state.

The qjarterly step he says is to take away the sense of statehood that ISIS enjoys now. We’re here to help. Om boka Last year was a ‘blood year’ in the Middle East – massacres and beheadings, fallen cities, collapsed and collapsing states, the unravelling of a decade of Western strategy.

Military and foreign policy crises abound with such people.