The wall temperature was adjusted to reproduce the experimental temperature cool down before the injection starts [27]. After ignition, combustion is generally mixing-controlled [32]. Computed and experimental averaged lift-off length for the Cases To correctly predict the engine performance, a model for diesel combustion should estimate the premixed and mixing-controlled combustion phases. With this method no information are passed back from the multidimensional code to the one-dimensional, allowing to study only the flow details in complex geometries under unsteady flow con- dition. Start End Severe non-orth.

To reduce the computational time required by the latter, the ISAT algorithm has been implemented by the authors. Concerning Diesel combustion modeling, the au- thors are currently evaluating two different models: Geometry, operating conditions and computational mesh for the simulated two-stroke engine. Unsteady multi-dimensional numerical simulation of turbulent flames is a well recognized tool for research and development of future internal combustion engines capable for satisfying stringent requirements for ultra-low emission and highly efficient energy conversion. The experimental apparatus is accurately described in [44, 45].

Layout and specification of the muffler thesiw. The quality of each grid is summarized in Table 5 at the beginning and at the end of its crank angle interval. Search for dissertations about: The automatic mesh motion technique was used to move the grid points: Eight meshes cover the whole intake stroke process.


A Detailed Scavenging Model Validation. Three regions can be identified: Combustion Theory and Modelling, Vol. Later thesiis starts to occur and the outflowing gas contains an increasing amount of fresh air. The code already includes most of the widely used sub- models for spray breakup, fuel injection, droplet collisions, evaporation and turbulent dispersion. The most simple approach consist in the adoption of CFD models to determine flow coefficient of valves, orifices and abrupt area changes, which are combusgion adopted in the fully 1D simulations.


Each mesh is valid for a certain crank combjstion interval during which its points are moved and the flow is solved. A skele- tal mechanism with 32 species and 70 reactions was used to simulate the n-heptane chemistry [41]. The engine operating condition are at full load a 2 rpm, b rpm, c rpm, d rpm, e rpm and f rpm.

For this reason the authors have implemented in the OpenFOAM code the ISAT in situ adaptive tabulation algorithm [42, 43], where the chemical reaction rates are tabulated on-the-fly during the computation in situ and used to approximate the reaction rates of the cells with a composition close to the tabulated ones.

Prediction of the attenuation char- acteristics of i.

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Then the solution is mapped from the actual source mesh to the following target mesh. Showing result 1 – 5 of 38 swedish dissertations containing the word openfoam.

The user pro- vides the STL geometry to the program and specifies the internal and boundary cell sizes. Soot in Diesel Fuel Jets: In this procedure the two codes are passing forth and back information at each time step in such a way that one domain is affected by what happens in the other one. Pressure and velocity field inside the 5 into 1 junction at crank angle degrees, rpm full load.

The Case 4 represents operating conditions similar to those found after a pilot-injection and is characterized by a very short ignition-delay. Structure of the Riemann problem at the inter-cell region and its adoption at the interface between the 1D and the 3D domain. Several oper- ating conditions were considered; in particular, the range from rpm to rpm was covered at full load with a combushion of rpm. The engine has one exhaust port and five scavenging ports, with symmetrical design.


It can be noticed that the hybrid model is remarkably more predictive than the fully 1D approach, exhibit- ing a good agreement with the measured data both in the absolute combhstion and phase of the wave motion. The computed value was identified by a K iso-line according to [50].

openfoam thesis combustion

Transmission loss TL of muffler Figure 7: It has been shown by previous studies that cavitation has a significant influence on the subsequent atomization process, the quality of which would in turn heavily affect the process of combustion. Furthermore, layers of cells are added and removed close to the piston surface. The comparison between the computed and experimental flow coefficients is finally shown in Figure The Ranz-Marshall correlation [47] is used to model the droplet evaporation.

openfoam thesis combustion

Concerning the boundary conditions, total pressure was imposed at the Figure 8: For these reasons, the fuel reaction rate can be expressed as: The fuel is injected by a common-rail injector mounted on one side of the chamber with a Mexican-hat injection profile.