How do I conduct a Fair Use Analysis? Handouts The following handouts give additional information about page numbers, copyright, oversized material, and much more: In most cases, you should contact your departmental staff advisor for assistance in locating your committee. Be sure to check the deadline calendars for more detailed information and additional deadlines. The font size must be 12 point. The student has a small window of opportunity to submit their document and all required forms and clear Thesis and Dissertation Services in order to make early clearance. Be sure to submit your document and Written Approval Form by 5 p.

Be sure to check out the LaTeX and Word templates. Forms and Surveys Are scanned signatures accepted on the Written Approval form? Unreviewable is not the same as unaccepted. How to Submit Your Document All theses, dissertations, and records of study will be submitted electronically to Vireo etd. May I use a template that my friend gave me? The Review Process How long does this process take? A Full Record Hold choice means that the entire document will not be published for two years.

I missed the submission deadline; can I still submit my ETD? Please see our Thesid to Use Copyrighted Material handout for more detailed instructions. You can upload it to Vireo, email it to thesis tamu.

The submission process can take approximately 20 minutes, so please give yourself enough time. Early in the semester after the early clearance deadline: In addition to the manuscript of your thesis, dissertation, or record of study, we also require the following forms and surveys completed:.


Where do I upload my corrected document? What happens to my document after I clear? In general, we would like to see a corrected document back within a week of sending out the review just to keep the process going. Deadlines It is extremely important that you keep a close eye on the deadlines for the semester in which you plan to graduate.

We review documents in the order they aproval submitted, so if you have an important deadline, please be sure to submit early. You will need to contact a printing service to have that done for you. The only changes allowed are those requested by Thesis and Dissertation Services reviewers.

OGAPS – Thesis and Dissertation Services

When integrated with publisher services and databases on the Internet, it helps online searchers find all of your works of potential interest. Thus, we recommend that you use a template downloaded directly from our Templates page, rather than use a potentially outdated one from a friend. May I include an article in my document that has already been published? How long do I have to make the edits?

OGAPS – Forms & Information

Word approvla formats the preliminary page numbers in the Table of Contents as all caps. We highly recommend that you automatically generate these pages. Please fill out a Hold Extension Request Form and send it to thesis tamu.

ogaps thesis approval form

No, since the head of department signature must be original i. May I use a template that my friend gave me?


LaTeX is a typesetting system that uses code to produce scientific papers. During non-peak review times, you may also call and make a minute appointment with a reviewer to discuss questions you may have regarding your ETD.


Please use the following resources to help you with formatting: The submission deadline is a firm deadline. If Immediate Release is chosen, the entire document will be published shortly after graduation. If you have a Full Record Hold, your chair must email us with the request to remove the hold. The version submitted to our office has been approved by the chair approvao committee. Be sure to check the deadline calendars for more detailed information and additional deadlines.

Forms and Information

Most commonly there are two to three rounds of review; however, a few students each semester will receive four or five rounds of review. If the item has already been published, then it is likely that the publisher now owns the copyright. Publication usually occurs within six months from the end of a semester in which you graduated.

Vireo is also where you can upload copyright permissions if needed and where you will retrieve a list of corrections once a review has been completed. May I use images I found on Google?

ogaps thesis approval form

If you would like to talk to us in person, please either email or call to make an appointment. The earlier you submit, the more likely you will make the early clearance deadline.