The communications revolution in the Palestinian territories. This analysis of the human health impact of eruptions at Nyiragongo volcano is directed towards the vulnerability and mitigation issues that require to be considered in a risk assessment for future eruptions, including the potential for a catastrophic gas burst at Lake Kivu. Episodic lava-lake filling at Nyiragongo began on 23 June, the first such activity since when the lake first refilled after the eruption. We were reliably informed that the mood of the population changed from expectancy to rapid exodus when lava vents were seen to develop within the city in advance of the main lava flow this observation is a critical one, and requires further confirmation. This report is a contribution for health sector preparedness and the involvement of the health sector in the on-going risk management of this crisis. A survey at two houses whose gardens adjoined the water showed potentially lethal levels of carbon dioxide at the water surface where people swam.

The fear of giving money is almost pathological among aid agencies, even though, or maybe because, it would be simpler and cheaper to give than any other form of help. Emergency supplies of food BP5 – dried food and biscuits for three to five days had not been stockpiled before the eruption. The findings could be updated as new information on the volcano was obtained from new scientific work and in the light of developments in volcanic activity. However, weekly meetings with the Governor have been instigated, as have regular slots for the GVO volcanologists on Radio Okapi. The recent volcanic activity most related to the present crisis occurred in when Rwandan refugees settled in camps on the slopes of both volcanoes.

Markets quickly reopened after the eruption, and supplies of vegetables and fruit were soon re-established. In addition, several dangerous sites were confirmed within the ESCO camp area and these were cordoned off on WHO advice – one low lying area was going to be used as a cemetery which would have proved very hazardous for the grave-diggers Fig.

User-managed public health promotion in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Nevertheless, most of those who left got away before late evening. The value of scientific monitoring of the volcano is most likely to lie in providing the international community and relief agencies and NGO’s with sufficient lead-time to prepare for a mass movement of the population of Goma when the volcano erupts.


Relief agencies may be very reluctant, on valid safety grounds, to enter Goma to provide chlorinated water supplies, in which case the risk of cholera outbreaks will be high in this scenario.

Human health and vulnerability in the Nyiragongo volcano crisis DR Congo Jun 2002

International humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. This was a self-evacuation in the middle of an eruption, rather than a planned one on the basis of advice from the GVO.

casd The WHO OPS should play a lead role for the health sector in co-ordinating planning and response to a renewed volcanic eruption. Yet aid workers persisted in treating people like children who could not be trusted with their pocket money. A risk assessment should ideally be completed before the end of These are associated with large ash emissions, which the prevailing winds blow towards the west.

The case for cash: Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption – ODI HPN

As the lava entered the lake it turned it acidic,poisoning the water and the fish. The Nyiragongo lavas that form the hard and porous bedrock of the area, with the setting of Lake Kivu, also constrain the other main hazard that overshadows Goma – cholera – as will be discussed below. Many of refugees were located by Lake Kivu, but as there was no available way to purify and transport sufficient quantities of water most of the refugees consumed untreated water.

In Colombia in23, people died in the town of Armero and neighbouring settlements when they were destroyed by volcanic mudflows lahars triggered by an eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano. There is a plan to resettle 40, people from Goma at a new development near Lac Vert, not far from Sake this plan, which is going ahead anyway under local political direction, should be reviewed following a formal scientific risk assessment.

Volcanologists have suggested the following future eruption scenarios, which should be considered in the light of the above findings in the January eruption:. It suffered an economic downturn for the next years as the tourist trade collapsed with few visitors. Yet the aid community in Goma continued to hold to some moral high ground about giving cash. Access in and out of the city is relatively free-moving using the single main roads out to the east and west, but these could easily become congested during an evacuation of the population except that they would mostly move on foot.


nyiragongo volcano case study

The GVO has to have credibility with these organizations and the international agencies such as WHO, and their caase is now being enhanced by the visible input of expert foreign scientists.

A survey at two houses whose gardens adjoined the water showed potentially lethal levels of carbon dioxide at the water surface where people swam.

nyiragongo volcano case study

Nyiragongo Published by Guset User An ash sample from the 22 January crater explosion was kindly supplied by the GVO and sent for analysis. In contrast, Nyramuragira volcano erupts on a much more frequent basis and a new eruption could occur any time in the near future. This reduced the access to the area for emergency supplies, which had to be brought in by road from Kigali or Bukavu, which have the closest airports.

However, no epidemiological evidence to support this conclusion was presented. Goma lies spread out along the edge of Lake Kivu and comprises mostly small dwellings around intersecting roads. There would have been insufficient fuel to boil all the drinking water needed.

nyiragongo volcano case study

No significant increases in cases of cholera or other diarrhoeal diseases, meningitis or measles were found. The mystery of its “column of fire” was not revealed untilwhen the volcanologist Haroun Tazieff climbed down into the crater below its vapour clouds to find a vast, incandescent lake of molten lava.

Emergency supplies of food BP5 – dried food and biscuits for three to five days had not been stockpiled before the eruption.

This is the first time that volcanno lava flow has impacted on a city and made such a large number of people homeless. The present report has been compiled following a field visit in March as a major contribution from the health sector towards the short and long term emergency planning process and the scientific evaluation of the volcanic crisis.