Capacity Planning and Facility Location. Students are asked to examine the criteria on which Acer should base their decision to manufacture overseas, and in so doing, create the framework for a corporation’s global manufacturing strategy. The director of operations must decide whether to accept an offer from Mitsubishi to become the exclusive European manufacturer of a sport utility vehicle. Navistar provides premium trucks that ranged in design from no frill models to highly customized units. Materials Management; Centralization Difficulty:

These parts were another financial burden and jeopardized customer service. To review assembly process and redesign production steps for smooth and consistent move of the truck to decrease customization level and shorten production lead time b. Creating some time for Andy will allow him to focus on his core responsibilities and look to programs on continuous improvement. The buyer-scheduler is uncertain why the sales are spiking and must decide what action to take. Jointly they are trying to determine the mix of hunting packages to promote to potential clients. Accessed May 22, Exact matches only Advanced Search.

Caterpillar was expected to authorize test runs of two new products soon; however, the annual production volumes were very uncertain. Navistar and Trimco will need to select a Quality Representative and train them on the ivye and specifications for the customized products. Username or Email Address:.

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Trimco will also upgrade their computer system and enhance the centralization to monitor outgoing sttudy. Independent Demand Inventory Management.

Backlogs had gone from essentially zero two years previously to a size that was threatening the economic viability of not just the company’s two new aircraft programs, but the company itself.

Financial, political and infrastructural considerations must be weighed, in addition to any signal that would be sent to their current Chinese partners.


Case Solution for Navistar International

Recent supply problems had threatened to close down the refrigerator assembly line and the purchasing officer’s task was to propose a workable and cost effective solution. She must plan the routing activities, while also concerned about cyclists’ safety and enjoyment while participating in the event.

navistar case study ivey

Environmental Management Bcase 9A96D, is available. The case is suitable for use in an operations class to introduce navista apply basic concepts in operations strategy or to discuss operations capability and strategy with executives. Unfortunately, of these parts, approximately 3, were defective, missing or inappropriate for use.

Navistar Supply Management Essay

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! On the other hand, the scrap rate has shot up. The buyer-scheduler is uncertain why the sales are spiking and must decide what action to take. However, they can also represent a significant investment. The note is intended to address the questions of how much to order the lot size issue and when to order the reorder point issue.

The purposes of the case are to show the relation between national statistics and company decisions and to provide training in advanced spreadsheet skills, conceptualizing a problem and modelling. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Navistar had design changes such as different sizes, repositioning of mechanisms and other various designer and material changes; however, these changes to the truck interiors were not communicated to Trimco before production runs were completed.

The trim was placed into the cab than the cab placed onto the chassis.

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management. The plant was now under significant pressure to increase revenue, and had received an invitation to bid navisfar a new customer order.


Notification sent to the manager, it practically is… so keep buying those shoes. With the help of Trimco, Navistar can create a workbook for inspection procedures for incoming kits and Trimco will icey a procedure to follow for kits going outbound.

The delay in completing the sudy affected the bottom line as the interruption in waiting for replacement parts caused additional time and money. The case introduces students to Kepner-Tregoe problem solving and offers an opportunity to compare and contrast this problem resolution methodology with Ishikawa or fishbone diagrams and other problem-solving techniques. This led to nqvistar start-up costs and customer service problems. In response to rapidly growing customer demand, the vice president of operations, is considering the expansion of either their Chinese or Canadian manufacturing operations.

navistar case study ivey

He must navkstar determine if there are any other options. Activity times and their precedence relationships are explicitly given, and the students can plan and replan the project to meet the schedule deadline. The student must construct a structured bill of materials and an MRP plan for ten weeks for X and seven components in four levels. A sequel to this case titled Navistar: With summer season fast approaching, the managers and owners of Bala Bay Inn must evaluate the process and capacity of the restaurant and identify bottlenecks in the process to determine what can be done to accommodate the demand.

The immediate issue is to determine the problem causing defective packaging materials and how to solve it. Anderson, Benjamin Marcus Product Number: