That the storyteller is Persian is important in that it establishes an affinity between the narrator and Ayda, who is growing up bi-culturally in Germany. In the midst of the debates over multiculturalism and the questions about Muslim integration and assimilation, Kermani published one of his most important works on the topic, his essay collection Wer ist wir? Gradually he begins to question and reject Islam and other Muslims as a consequence of the actions of the London bombers as well as the perceived discrimination he feels from others and his own desire to feel more European. Recalling the Dead in Kurzmitteilung and Dein Name. After it was repeatedly shelled by Bosnian Croats in , it effectively separated the predominantly Bosnian Muslim eastern bank from the Bosnian Croat western bank. The Orientalist sees parallels here between the words and music of the Canadian musician and the Muslim tradition of the spoken Koran surahs, which the readers comes upon repeatedly in his text. The author does not join in the widespread call for an end to multiculturalism.

The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali. Deutschland erfindet sich neu. Works by Navid Kermani. Europe has not abolished the differences — that would be terrible — it preserves national cultures, languages, traditions, but it defuses the differences at a political level. Shouldering a huge political burden British fatwa against IS: The German-Iranian writer looks at Christianity with a curiosity and an earnestness that has become rare among Christians themselves.

Navid Kermani on Islam in Germany: A Plea for Cultural Pluralism –

Navid Kermani — author, journalist and academic — is one of the most prominent public intellectuals in Germany today. Furthermore, he places the onus on the state to clarify new situations that arise as a result of im- migration that could not have been predicated by the fathers of the constitution: Or is there a fear that many Muslims will lose their identity and embrace a soulless materialism?

Interview with Indian novelist Arundhati Roy “India is much more dangerous than it was ten years ago”.

The Old Bridge stari most in Mostar over the Neretva river had stood for over years as a symbol of unity and cultural pluralism in the heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina and was one of the most celebrated examples of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.


Having the importance of the principles young Muslim protagonist and his German Yearbook.

navid kermani essay

This type of thinking is typical of a Eurocentric viewpoint that seeks to underscore differences rather than acknowledge commonalities. Retrieved from ” https: Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Newest Most Read Most Comments. Show Less Restricted access. Here too he is torn, for he is neither religious nor particularly pious, yet he notes that he is nevertheless increasingly categorized as such by others. The Perception of Muslims in Germany: Kermani ar- gues further that critical and institutionally supported voices are essential in this process and are as much a legacy of the Islamic tradition as of the Western Enlightenment: The news shakes him out of his complacency and prompts him to embark on a journey of discovery: Coury is Professor of events manager from Cologne, Humanistic Studies German and way of life, while multiculturalists spread its core values and why receives an SMS informing him Global Studies at the University of seek to ease the concerns of Germany should allow its teachers that a business colleague has Wisconsin USA and the founder and politicians and the public alike.

This interpretation of the religion is similarly based on the Koran, but does not rely on the text as a one-dimensional yardstick in order to lead a proper religious life.

The essays, by major scholars in the field, cover issues such as gender, religion, cosmopolitanism, mystical experiences, and the power of the liberal arts in a time of neoliberal distraction.

Most Recent Photo Essay. Yet at the same time he has curiously not become morally bankrupt or corrupted at the end of the story. This applies in particular to defamatory, racist, personal, or irrelevant comments or comments written in dialects or languages other than English. The problem, Kermani points out, is that the idea of incommensurability infects not only those in Western- ized societies who come to believe false precepts but it can also radicalize kermabi in Islamic societies who kefmani come to believe in cultural antagonism and react violently.


Freeing Islam from the clutches of the fanatics Navid Kermani: Nev- ertheless, he still struggles with his identity.

navid kermani essay

His work thus represents an important voice in these literary and ideological debates. We cannot always expect this to come from above, however: When considering the literary production of immigrants, Stoll argues, the picture changes.

Navid Kermani

Navid Kermani explains the genesis of his prose works as follows: Kermxni same decen- tering certainly characterizes the works of Muslim writers in Germany, whose literary production similarly demands a context-specific analysis and one that is similarly predicated on a re-centering of Europe in the context of its growing Muslim population. In sum, he writes in closing: Islam is indeed part of German society and culture today, and, whether or not the project of multiculturalism has failed, it will continue to be important for Muslim writers to explore the diversity of thought and ideas in Navod in order to create new ways of belonging for all citizens in contemporary German society.

The month of fasting is supposed to be all about reflection, meditation and abstention dssay but Ramadan is becoming increasingly commercialised. The Islam expert also has a lot to say in his capacity as prose writer.

navid kermani essay

Subscribe to our newsletter. This short novel takes place in the aftermath of the London Underground bombings and explores the identity crisis of the young Muslim protagonist and his coming to terms with his origins and religious heritage.

A wide variety of disciplines are involved.