If you have been unable to gain all necessary permissions, decide if you want to make an edited version publicly available. Experience in undergraduate teaching or postgraduate teaching. BSc or equivalent intercalated degree. Any students or members of staff who are unclear on their Institute or School policy are to contact their Postgraduate Conveners in the first instance. Ability to manage research projects. Good organisational and IT skills. Assessors meet with the student face-to-face for a formal interview.

Local arrangements within Institutes and Schools will apply for the organisation of the annual review. If access to your thesis has been restricted for copyright reasons it will not appear in the repository at all unless you have also provided an edited version. Training Needs Assessment When: However, you do need to provide information about your thesis using the online deposit form: Instructions for theses that are to be made available immediately no embargoes, no copyright restrictions Go to http: Note that special formatting is not possible.

A link will be created between the record for your thesis in the repository and the record for the print version of your thesis in the Library Catalogue. Future Research fellows will either return to run-through NHS training, or may become eligible for an academic training post.

The time of the year and format for these presentations may vary between the Institutes and Schools.

mvls thesis submission

This must be signed by your supervisor to show that they agree with your decision with regard to making the thesis publicly available. You should convert any separate elements to PDF in advance of uploading them. This training, and a DMP review service is already available to all staff and students. Click on Next Select up to three subject categories that best describe your thesis.

Follow the instructions provided. Final Year Interview When: Develop a research thesis leading to a Higher Degree. Use 10 pt Arial font and 1.


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If you are depositing the full text of your thesis online you should select No, as only theses with no embargoes should be deposited online. As noted above, there may be opportunities for additional salary supplements providing NHS cover in Medicine and related specialties by negotiation with local NHS management and subject to prioritisation of research.

If you are providing additional multimedia files you must include a separate file giving details of the additional files you have provided i.

Recommended at least 8 months prior to submission deadline Students within a year of the absolute thesis submission deadline will be interviewed specifically on their progress in thesis writing in the case of MSc R in one year, this may be dealt with at the progress review. Files should be named according to the conventions outlined in the section on Thesis format.

More information on data management support for researchers can be found at here. If you wish to return and do this at a later point click on Submissoin item later. Both literature reviews and project plans must follow the same timelines as those in submiwsion for PhD students. Contact us The University of Glasgow is a registered Scottish charity: Depositing Your Thesis Sumission depositing your thesis you should ensure that you do the following: BSc or equivalent intercalated degree.

If you have chosen to make your thesis available immediately with no embargoes it will appear in the repository shortly after deposit assuming there are no problems with the file you have deposited – if there are you will be contacted.

It is, however, still important to review the progress that has been made in that time period. The reviews are as follows: Experience in undergraduate teaching or postgraduate teaching. It also recognised that part-time students will make less progress in any one year than full-time students.


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The student attends training courses and obtains credits through the Research Training Programme. A progress review is completed online by the supervisor and the student; this should be brief and is designed to support students in their progression.

mvls thesis submission

The above review format must be followed for each year of study, until the thesis pending year is reached. Additionally, the Committee arranges annual sessions for clinical trainees that provide access to an informal network of support and more formal sessions on aspects of clinical research and clinical academic training.

A formal note of the meeting and action points must be uploaded by the panel within one week of the interview. The mentor will usually become the supervisor for any matriculated Higher degree see below.

Evidence of distinction in career to date e. If you have been granted an embargo or if your thesis contains third party copyright material you do not have permission to include within the electronic version you should not deposit a copy of the full text of your thesis online.

Add your wubmission and apply to jobs with your Glassdoor profile. If you have been granted an embargo the full text of your thesis will not appear publicly until after this period has elapsed ; however, the details about your thesis, e.