Other techniques use non-everted gut sac. According to dehydration theory, materials that are able to readily gelify in an aqueous environment, when placed in contact with the mucus can cause its dehydration due to the difference of osmotic pressure. The general problem arising from methods that show the adhesion force and from the rheological methods is that the mucoadhesive response is seen macroscopically while the interactions occur at a microscopic level. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. Design, testing and analysis.

A simple rheological method for the in vitro assessment of mucin-polymer bioadhesive bond strength. Hagerstrom H, Edsman K. An evaluation based on gamma scintigraphy. Donnelly[ ] described the design, physicochemical characterization, and clinical evaluation of bioadhesive drug delivery systems for photodynamic therapy of difficult-to-manage vulval neoplasias and dysplasias. Thiolated polymers, also designated thiomers, are hydrophilic macromolecules exhibiting free thiol groups on the polymeric backbone.

The use of xantan gum in an ophthalmic liquid dosage form: From this test, it is possible to obtain the mucoadhesion force by monitoring the viscosimetric changes of the system constituted by the mixture of the polymer chosen and mucin. To avoid this problem, the method was adapted using oscillatory rheology Callens et al. In frequency sweep, stress is maintained constant.

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

In these instances this phase is considered a precursor of the cubic phase. An Estimate of turnover time of intestinal mucus gel layer in the Rat in muucoadhesive Loop. The use of low frequency dielectric spectroscopy represents an attempt to study gel-mucus interactions near the molecular level.

It is best applied to liquid or low-viscosity bioadhesives.

An extensive review on mucoadhesive systems was compiled by Andrews, Laverty and Jones It has been used since to study intestinal transport. The evaluation of bioadhesive properties is fundamental to the development of novel bioadhesive delivery systems.


It was found that when the GRFs were dried and immersed in gastric juice, they swelled rapidly and released their drug payload in a zero-order fashion for a period of 24 h.

J Pharm Bioallied Sci. Kim[ ] aimed to develop a thermoreversible flurbiprofen liquid suppository base composed of poloxamer and sodium alginate for the improvement of rectal bioavailability of flurbiprofen.

Bioadhesion, new possibilities for drug administration?

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Due to their high specificity, antibodies can be a rational choice as polymeric ligand in the development of site-specific mucoadhesives. Bioadhesive properties and rheology of polyether-modified poly acrylic acid hydrogels.

mucoadhesive drug delivery system thesis

This parameter offers the advantage that both positive and negative values have the same magnitude, and are therefore comparable. Effect of film hydration on cutaneous adherence in wet environments. Comprised of three distinct layers — epithelium, basement membrane, and connective tissues. Fracture energy g c can be obtained from the reversible adhesion work, W r durg required to produce new fractured surfacesand the irreversible adhesion work, W thesie work of plastic deformation provoked by the removal of a proof tip until the disruption of the adhesive bondand both values are expressed as units of fracture surface A f.

In the case of lyotropic mesophases, the precursor absorbs water in situ and spontaneously builds the cubic phase Bruschi et al.

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Influence of polymer concentration and polymer: Design and evaluation of a water-soluble bioadhesive patch formulation for cutaneous delivery of 5-aminolevulinic acid to superficial neoplastic lesions. Bioadhesion and Mucoadhesion The term bioadhesion can be defined as the state in which two materials, at least one biological in nature, are held together for an extended period of time by interfacial forces.


mucoadhesive drug delivery system thesis

The results of this study suggested the need for a clearer definition of mucoadhesion, because they called into question the polymers that are swelling dependent and undergo in situ gelification, because they do not seem to interact with glycoproteins, although they are called mucoadhesives Sigurdsson, Loftsson, Lehr, Photodynamic therapy of vulval neoplasias and dysplasias: This entails coating the tip in adhesive material, which is generally spherical in shape Figure 12right side and then the interaction with the surface, in this case the mucous membrane, can be measured Cleary, Bromberg, Magner, Other features associated with the development of controlled drug delivery systems using bioadhesive molecules include a decrease in drug administration frequency and an increase in patient compliance to the therapy Woodley, Exposed part of the eye is covered by a thin fluid layer — percorneal tear film.

Until now adhesive tablets have been the most commonly used dosage forms for buccal drug delivery.

A drugg of the bioadhesive polymer is placed in the mucin gel and both the static and dynamic behaviors are monitored by the camera at frequent time intervals Ahuja, Khar, Ali, In-vitro bioadhesion of carbopol hydrogels. Characterisation of protein-containing binary polymeric gel systems designed for the treatment of periodontal disease.

Efficacy of a mucoadhesive patch compared with an oral solution for treatment of aphthous stomatitis.