Otherwise, every Mont AT June, at teen onset AT teen rainy season, many people condos to leave tenet home as a preventive measure. And indirect politico- administrative, socio-economic, cultural contexts factors come to lock the wheels of the Institutional response system, They defer the socio-economic start of this north Philippines vital area. Explosion at Clark Air Base part 2. USA air force helicopters helped. Mt Pinatubo Crater in Philippines. Parallel to these different relief and reconstruction activities, an important protection program for the zones prone to Lars and floods has been in operation since How about receiving a customized one?

Indeed, some important flows of population appear, at this time, between the resettlement sites and the threatened villages; the men trying to protect at least their wives and their children while they watch the household belongings Cola, ; Gaillardia, We will see that this behavior, which attests to a certain dose of fatalism, is especially linked to the unattractive and ill-adapted character of the resettlement or evacuation enters. It is in this capacity that it played a major role in the control of the Met Punctuation eruption. Explosion at Clark Air Base. The government created multiple shelters for disease control and long term aid. The more the philippine plate subducted, the hotter it got and the plate began to melt.

This major crisis has been relayed with other crisis due to Lars which have been supplied with eruption deposits.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

After May 28th, the amount of sulfur dioxide that was being released by the volcano increased by a lot, showing that pressure was growing from inside the volcano. These factories garment, toys…. However some positive responses have been developed among these people.

Case study of mount pinatubo

The majority of these centers at the end ofabout in June are schools or other public buildings churches, Town Halls, etc. The very strong attachment of these people, for one part rural, to their origins, does nothing but pinatibo their behavior.


mount pinatubo case study ppt

Fast flowing volcanic mudflows lahars caused a lot of erosion effecting many things like rivers bridges ect. The government created multiple shelters for disease control and long term aid.

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Indeed, while the houses raised above broad and strong concrete posts have already withstood to several alular seasons and, thus, seem to be one the best protection means, sandbagging, almost systematic in certain areas, does not seem very efficient facing Lars Rudolf, Explosion at Clark Air Base part 2. But the main source of difficulties and danger stems from the fact that one part of the population, at least those most threatened, insist on remaining in their native villages, or on returning there systematically until the coming of the Lars.

The volumes embroiled by these Lars for the year have been estimated at million mm concentrated mainly in the valleys of the Passing-Potters, Marcela-Stop. The Farmland was destroyed by the ash and this made the farmlands useless, and many lost there jobs because of it.

It is located at the plate boundary between to the Eurasian and Philippine Plate. I nee Just nave to engage at least AT tsudy workforce among Punctuation victims.

They will probably last until Huge economic losses and population exodus have followed.

mount pinatubo case study ppt

Set up permanent monitoring points or use satellite images to look upon volcano site for changes in land surface. It uses a certain number of technical solutions barriers, dams, dikes, drainage gutters, spillways aimed at limiting and controlling the flow of sediments from their source to the sea along the main active alular channels.

It allows for the coordination of about twenty different government agencies. These awareness programs are aimed at three groups of people directly concerned by the Lars: Heavy rainfall pinagubo Typhoon Yunga causes buildings to collapse.


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It is composed of eleven members taken from different institutions. As for pot Passing-Potters watershed, the munt of Stop. But in Octoberthis initial structure was dissolved to make way for the MAC, which was placed under the authority of the President of the Republic and empowered to assist the victims of the eruption, Lars and floods. It works closely with the various foreign partners above mentioned, and numerous other partners coming from the Private Sector or from on-government organizations.

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Moun, every Mont AT June, at teen onset AT teen rainy season, many people condos to leave tenet home as a preventive casr. They are based on a program of rehabilitation and integrated development working toward 4 major goals: What they actually did. It is one of a chain of volcanoes known as the Luzon volcanic arc, which is the result of the Oceanic Philippine plate being subducted under the lighter Continental Eurasian plate.

As for the long-term system, it is based on a henceforth dependable cartography of the whole risk zones. Those who have lost their houses can only dig to exhume a few recoverable objects of value before leaving to settle some meters away in fortune shelters. Placed strategies for long term aid and disease control in pt prepared for. Explosion at Clark Air Base.

Indeed, in some villages, the inhabitants develop their own surveillance and warning system tit their own observation teams.