Admission Procedure For Secondary 1: Consequently, through our extensive experience and research, we have compile five fantastic tips for you to fufill this fantasy, and be a dream applicant to the interviewer holding the key to your dream school. The word nice is just simply— a nice word, one that satisfies a lot of descriptive criteria but fails to dazzle or inspire. This may seem a little left-field, but the way your file with all your certificates is arranged when you present it to the interviewer does say quite a lot about you. You are commenting using your WordPress. Such words and phrases that you should avoid include the mentioning of who you are the panel certainly knows who you are.

A sample statement contains, firstly, a little introduction about why the person applying for a certain course is interested in studying such a course. How correlated is our PSLE score with our income? The mother to an only daughter who gained entry into an IP school three years ago also values the affiliation to Junior Colleges. Stay updated via RSS. Ventures is one of the most established companies in Singapore, specialising in Strategic Speaking Skills. Thank you very much.

July NYGH conducts dda. How should I write a personal statement? It would be a shame to deliver a brilliant interview only to be let down by your mediocre dossier. YOU It may seem obvious, but often what happens is that an applicant will simply list out a list of achievements, hobbies and various community involvements and hope that this will impress the interviewer.

Preparing Your Child for the DSA? Here’s What You Need to Know

The first thing everyone is required to observe when writing such an important piece of writing is to always understand the writing format even before one thinks of the content to write in that statement.


Show the school that you do not simply excel in your area of interest, but that you can balance it well with your studies as well.

mgs dsa personal statement

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Preparing Your Child for the DSA? Here’s What You Need to Know –

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The importance of using standard English in interviews cannot be re-emphasised.

mgs dsa personal statement

This site uses cookies. Some people try to find an online personal statement sample, so they can use it for reference when writing their statement. The writing format of personal statements is not that complex and can be obtained through the internet or through previously written statements.

Interviewers will be looking not for students whose flame is burning brightly now, but for students whose flame will continue to burn, even get brighter over the course of the next few years.

How to write a PSLE DSA personal statement – Quora

They can apply to the Foundation IB course of one-year duration. We believe that anyone who applies for a Direct School Admissions DSA place has the ability to go all statemeht way, but unfortunately, there are so many more worthy applicants than available places.

Another aim of the programme is to grant secondary schools more autonomy in selecting their mys. Your child needs to be able to communicate effectively during his DSA interviews. If you make the interviewer feel this way, chances are it will not reflect well on you as a person, where pride turns to arrogance and cockiness.


To showcase atatement understanding of the topic, include examples and personal experiences. Read on to find out:. My ankle was acting up again today so I walked with my characteristic mirror-image-of-House limp. You dismissed this ad.

How do I write a personal statement? Your child should exhibit a talent in his chosen domain.

mgs dsa personal statement

If you are bringing along your bag, make sure that its contents are neatly packed and filed no crumpled papers and files everywhereand that the exterior of your bag is clean too. By 31 August Students who take as a minimum one DSA offer can specify the school preferences up to three. Potential No, we are not simply talking about academic potential, but simply, the potential for growth as a person.

The person may write a couple of things about his or her background that will explain the satement behind such choice. Again, it is all about finding the balance of words, and although it is great that you have such a wide-reaching vocabulary, there is a time and place to showcase it.

Your weaknesses, for example, should not be stumbling blocks but stepping stones in your journey as a student and as an individual.

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