Backups should be taken. We will only collect information that More information. Users should not fiddle with programs because they could break it. Staff can often move from our company to a competitor quickly. The potential legal consequences of a personal data breach Tue Goldschmieding, Partner 16 April The potential legal consequences of a personal data breach 15 April Contents 1. Tailor-made collection services you can trust 03 11 Phoenix Commercial Collections is one of the UK s leading providers of enforcement and debt recovery services. Historically we have had high turnover in staff and this means staff could take data with them on departure.

Internal and external issues identified within the Context and the specific requirements of our interested parties will be seen as asset groupings and risk assessed with opportunities identified, and treatment options considered. Historically our company has been sales driven, the need to bring in work has outweighed other considerations such as confidentiality. Physical location, our location is in an area of high criminality due to many hi-tech businesses located nearby and adjacent offices have been attacked by thieves which could have an impact on confidentiality. It imposes general duties for health and safety on employers and employees. Legislation IS Requirements 1.

Protective security governance guidelines Protective security governance guidelines Security of outsourced services and functions Approved 13 September Version 1. Not all staff need to see all files and information. If we did have a failure backups would be needed. Outsourcing and Third Party Access More information.

Lake Dale Contact Centre Case Study

Not agreed MD Signed. Formal transfer policies, procedures and controls shall be in place to protect the transfer of information ztudy the use of all types of communication facilities. This is to ensure a consistent approach: In the past we have had malware infections that has damaged our data. Sales staff are on the road and often take copies of customer files, these copies need to be controlled. Legislation IS Requirements 1. When we have updated systems in the past, records have been altered, we need to manage changes.


ldcc case study

We help people and companies. Follow policies and directions 1.

If used out of the office care should be taken using insecure public networks. As we grow this lack of documentation may cause problems. Approval and Authorisation Completion of the following signature blocks signifies. It should be located in a good place and software not installed without asking. Wages in our industry are low and so bribery is an ever stuy threat, this could affect confidentiality.

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As ne staff will be unfamiliar with legislation, we should carefully set it out If we lost key skills such as how to encrypt or unencrypt files we would loose the information. IT connectivity has also been interrupted by this high demand.

ldcc case study

Rio Tinto management system Document No: We help people and companies More information. Policies make our staff follow accepted ways of doing things. Our overall strategic mission is to provide our clients with: Law enforcement If a breach stduy the law we could be fined, face restrictions or directors face imprisonment.


Outsourcing and Third Party Access. Purpose The following pages provide more information about the minimum working practices which seek to ensure that More information. Suppliers Even a supplier may be affected by an incident, if our use of their systems results in vase publicity for the supplier they may not want to supply us.

Date s of Evaluation: Any scores outside the unacceptable area will not be prioritized for treated but however assessed for risk reduction in pursuit of continual improvement.

View users in your organization, and edit their account information, preferences, and permissions.

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Our internal information should be locked away whenever possible as it can be accessed by many staff, non disclosure agreements are valuable. International clients are also expecting state of the art technology, fast connection speeds for sales and call handling report visibility statistics. Credit card details, address details studt dates of birth and significant inducements can be offered to staff for the collection of information this could affect confidentiality.

Protection of HR records 2. As Data Cleansing is a current outsourced process, this naturally causes our clients concerns around Confidentiality and Integrity.