How everything can be done? I have punished those children. Mother is watering the flowers. A car is bought by him 3. Change these Passive sentences into Active voice!

Bastian Andika 24 Oktober The children were taught by Oliver. A glass of milk was brought by the servant. I have sharpened the knives. We must write the answers on one side of the paper. We will meet Gllian at the airport.

Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Konsep Dua Kejadian K2K. The thieves have been arrested by the polices. I was being hated by him 4. The lamp is broken by my brother.

latihan soal essay passive voice

The house was built in She bought four apples. An email has not been sent to me by Tiffany.

George & Friends: Latihan Soal Passive Voice

The rooms are swept by the servant Printing machines were invented in Julia has recued three cats. Gillian will be met by Us at the airport. In this viice, English is not spoken by them. This machine is operated by a robot. Somebody left the light on all night.


The piano was being played loudly by my neighbor. A question was asked to Denis by Maria.

Fill in the blank! My uncle used my car.

Contoh Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

Grandmother told good stories. The police have to put you in prison.

latihan soal essay passive voice

Your watches had been found by us The students can submit their assignments. About Me Hana Khanifah Wanita berumur 20 tahun yang masih belajar tentang hidup.

The poem was learnt by Alex 5. The translation in English is ……. All of the boxes will be moved by the workers. Is a good flower picked by a passivf flower? I shall buy a car.

Soal Passive Voice

Bastian Andika 24 Oktober Passve makes a cup of tea. Anonim 15 Maret Her keys have been lost by the girl. The brown horse was being ridden by Victoria.

She will make a cup of tea. A clever student was praised by the teacher. The photos are taken by me