Al-Salman, Hesham Muhammad Ibrahim Application of space-time trellis codes for image transmission over wireless channels. Majid, Shaikh Hasibul Minority carrier injection in epitaxial schottky barrier diodes. Al-Sharif, Maher Mohammed Mahmoud Fault characterization and testability considerations in multi-valued logic circuits. Moied, Khurram Locating optimum water quality monitoring stations in water distribution networks, using genetic algorithm. Sayani, Mohammed Asif Associative memory neural networks for error correction of linear block codes.

Al-Mohammad, Ali Hasan Yasin Optimal capacitor placement in distribution systems using heuristic techniques. Enamul Hoque, Abu Naser Md. Masoud, Osama Taleb An integrated stereo algorithm based on coarse-to-fine features and intensity values. Al-Ali, Mustafa Naser Ali Use of vibrator performance data to improve near-surface velocity determination. Mohiuddin, Naseer Ahmed Use of small diameter cores in evaluation of in-situ concrete strength in Eastern Saudi Arabia.

Impact on Petrophysical Properties and Reservoir Quality.

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Salem, Yasser Abu-Bakr Generalised eigenvalue problem for tridiagonal symmetric interval matrices. Zamin, Syed Ali Integrated quality and maintenance models for multi-stage production systems with batch shipments. Badar, Mohammad Affan An expert system for designing hydrodynamic journal bearings. Aitah, Redha Amin Performance study of the lowest bidder bid awarding system in government projects – Saudi Arabia.

Muzaffar, Syed Zeeshan Adaptive fuzzy logic based framework for handling imprecision and uncertainty in software development effort prediction models. Mahmood, Syed Iftekhar Impact testing of brittle materials using split hopkinson pressure bar technique. Ali, Syed Saad Azhar Identification of Hammerstein and Wiener models using radial basis functions neural networks. Ahmad, Abid Maqsood Development of an equivalent dispersion coefficient for a complex contaminant transport model.


Javeed Control of hypersonic flight trajectories to minimize heat load. The Library also provides access to eight online encyclopedias, including Britannica and Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management. Abdul Hameed, Laser induced photocatalytic conversion of methane into methanol. Abul-Feilat, Emad Areslan Optimum design of continuous partially prestressed concrete beams.

Al Mandeel, Shawqi Juma Behavior of laterally loaded pile group model in sand. Ibrahim, Mohammed Performance evaluation of concrete surface treatment materials.

kfupm thesis library

Hagos, Elias Mehretab Implementation of an isolated word recognition system. Hussain, Asiq Recovery performance and relative permeabilities of composite cores.

Khathlan, Abdul-Rahman Computation of lateral-torsional buckling loads for nonprismatic beam-columns. Naseer, Syed Khaja A process miggration subsystem for distributed applications: Ahmed, Mohammed Khaleel Effect of outflow orientation and multiple jets orifice plate configurations on heat transfer in a rectangular duct.

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Haseembuddin, Mohammed Internal model control for nonlinear dynamic plants using U-model. Ghaled, Amin Ramadan Geological, mineralogical and geostatistical studies on Zarghat magnesite deposit, Saudi Arabia. Arshed, Ghulam Murshed Transiently developing free and opposing jets in relation to gas-assisted laser evaporative heating process.


Al-Fattah, Saud Mohammed A. Iqbal, Imran The impact of HVAC system selection and operation on energy conservation in an office building in hot and humid climates of Saudi Arabia.

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Al-Fawzan, Mohammad Abdulrahman Mathematical models for quality in multistage production systems. Ali, Mohammad Golam Criteria for cathodic protection of steel in concrete in the context of Arabian Gulf environment.

Ahmed, Adel Fadhl Noor Multiselection on some interconnection networks. Nassar, Khaled Muhammad Walid Timing driven placement algorithm for standard-cell design.

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Librart, Khawar Parallelization of Stochastic Evolution. Outcrop Analog from Central Saudi Arabia. Khan, Abdul Malik Fourier descriptor approach for defect analysis in ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation.

Sani, Abu Mohammed A. Khan, Ovaisullah Thermo-mechanical modeling of tool and workpiece interface in metal forming process. A New Xml File Structure. Eydatoula, Yousouf Packed-bed adsorption of phenol and 2, 4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid on the macroreticular resin XAD