High-frequency inductive semicircle of positive electrode; left: For each part of the impedance spectra, an electrochemical process is proposed and implemented in a simulation model. Boukamp, Impedance spectroscopy, strength and limitations Impedanzspektroskopie, Starken und Grenzen , Technisches Messen, vol. However, the topology is known to suffer from reduced Koper [41 ] derived mathematically three possibilities for negative resistances from the Butler-Volmer equation see Eq.

Sadkowsld, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Vanmaekelbergh and Erne [54] derived a model for metal dissolution that consists of those two steps with similar results as those presented in the following. Popova, Electrochimica Acta 15 9 Iordanov, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 3 To register you need to provide following information:

Simulated spectra of the circuit in Fig.

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This paper was a milestone on how to control three-phase converters with PWM modulation whilst providing highest possible utilization of the converter.

Several authors have mentioned that adsorption of different ions takes place at the negative electrode []. Boukamp, Impedance spectroscopy, strength and limitations Impedanzspektroskopie, Starken und GrenzenTechnisches Messen, vol. Pavlov, Electrochimica Acta 23 9 Please note that all enquiries should relate specifically to Journal of Energy Fhesis.

Introduction Measured impedance spectra of electrodes of lead-acid batteries Fig. All three semicircles depend on SOC Fig. This includes testing and characterisation of battery cells and battery packs with a capacity of more than test benches, development of online diagnosis algorithms of batteries, and battery and energy fhesis systems including hardware platformsinvestigation of ageing processes and modelling of the dynamic performance of batteries, and prognosis of lifetime and electrical performance of batteries in applications based on post-mortem analysis.


Electrode processes resulting in capacitive semicircles are charge transfer, chemical reactions and adsorption see chapter 3. Selection of suitable inventions under legally, technically, and economically aspects for patenting procedures by using the European patent grant procedure exemplary. However, the inductive semicircle is too small in the simulation compared to the measurements.

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Schiller, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Username Password I forgot my password Register new account. Increasing electrolyte conductivity, increasing distance between working and reference electrode or shielding of the reference electrode shifts the artefacts to higher frequencies [30]. With thesos we say adieu to Heinz, who left us all too early.

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Illustration of discharge processes at the negative electrode of a lead-acid battery. He worked with great integrity and motivated many to iea better solutions to make power supplies more efficient and more cost effective.

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So they concluded that antimony makes the surface more porous. This course is supervised by two experienced students. Mechanical on-load tap changers are widely Bladen, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 7 Pederson, Solid State Ionics 91 This paper on PWM modulation techniques for converters has been cited by many researchers ever since.


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Lindbergh, Electrochimica Acta 42 8 As a teacher, he taught several courses on switched mode power supplies. All the fields are required so please make sure you complete them all otherwise we won’t be able to send your message. Die Entwicklung des Stromsystems bis zum Jahr ist mit hohen Unsicherheiten behaftet.

In a mathematical analysis, Sadkowski [35] found that negative capacitances could arise if strong adsorption is involved. Vanmaekelbergh and Erne [54] derived a model for metal dissolution that consists of those two steps with similar results as those presented in the following. Thus far, such operation modes have been applied only in single phase DAB converters.

Besides this inductive branch, the negative electrode shows a so-called inductive semicircle at low frequencies about 10 mHz and below and the positive electrode sometimes shows an inductive semicircle at frequencies higher than the intersection point with the real axis between 10 Hz and some Hz. It is caused by the limited conductivity of all components of the battery. Course of reaction during discharge as in Fig.

isea rwth thesis

In the second part of this paper, deformation of the spectra due to concentration limitation is investigated.