All programs are built on a strong foundation of technical courses with an emphasis on communication, making for limitless career potential. They can also help you find the right institutions and student desks for your problems. I definitely want to continue working in academia and pursue a PhD. Harrie ten Have ;. It prepares you for an academic career, but also teaches useful skills for other jobs.

You also engage with arts philosophies relevant for the contemporary arts world. This program provides you with a broad background in a lot of fields, such as economy, human behaviour and many more.. More information about this option. Attention will be paid to decision-making processes on an inter national level; international relations will be placed in a theoretical and philosophical framework; you will study international monetary issues; and you will broaden your knowledge of the law of the European communities and European Union. I shouldn’t fail to mention that I had quite some help from the Faculty and some fellow students.

Finally isnchrijven will choose a core module: Students with a Dutch ‘hbo propedeuse’ diploma also need bacgelor meet the language requirements mentioned above.

You will do a lot of reading and independent study. To accomplish this, the programme offers both a specialization framework Analysis and Criticism or Policy and Marketing and in-depth study into three of the most dominant internationally mediated and interconnected artistic forms within sonic and visual cultures MusicFilm and Theatre.

Hence, it is the perfect place for someone to meet new people from different countries and cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Vachelor are many benefits to studying English: That’s why I did and still do!

Clio has members and is one of the largest students’ associations in Groningen, and the largest students’ organization at a Dutch Faculty of Arts.


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The Board consists of: I chose to study Arts, Culture and Media as I’ve always had a keen interest in art history and the creative machineries that make daily life so much more interesting. Graduates with an MSc degree are found in a broad spectrum of occupations where IT, mathematical and problem-solving skills are needed.

International Business

More information about this option. How do processes of mediation influence artistic innovation? At this moment, I consider doing my own research in the field of Philosophy of Neuroscience, more specifically Philosophy of Mental Health, combined with Ethics. Furthermore, this frame investigates how the experience of the arts becomes meaningful for arts participants, including audience members, music fans, and arts professionals while also examining how these players impact the broader culture.

Jeroen Dekker In recent decades, the arts have undergone radical transformations and rapidly adapted to late-capitalist thseis such as globalisation, digitisation and the democratisation of creative channels.

inschrijven bachelor thesis rug

Programmers are also constantly working on fundraising, marketing and communication, finances and internal policy.

I had a hard time choosing a discipline that interests me the most. Most of the students in the programme are passionate about their studies.

More importantly, I did not know anything about the city that I would call home for the following three years and yet I immediately felt at home.

Global Economics and Management. You can enroll, as long as you have a finished VWO-degree with mathematics B. Once you have graduated, you will be qualified to work within organisations related to the arts, such as theatres, arts companies, concert halls, popular music venues, orchestras and museums.

In hebben meer dan Choice of degree programme check. It is true that bacgelor takes time to adjust to the cultural differences and get used to speaking and talking in a onschrijven language.


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The precise nature of the matching activity differs according to degree programme. The programme has an international focus. If you are interested in an English Language and Culture web class, register here. I was challenged to dismantle movies, and put them together again. I am very lucky to still live in this inachrijven city. Maths Studies then you will need to show proof of your level of Maths proficiency.

Programme options Music specialization Studying music in Groningen in thrsis Arts, Culture and Media Department offers students a broad spectrum of perspectives from which to situate music’s role in culture and society. IRIO offered me the tools to do this, by focusing on different aspects that constitute the world of IR. Administrative topics, classroom managment, curriculum development, early childhood education, elementary eduction, the philosophy of education, the education of special needs students and education theory are just a few of the broad catagories Paper Masters offer topics in.

For info on all courses, check: If you enjoy examining how film techniques evoke emotions thewis recognizing the relevance of song forms or narrative structures then the Arts Analysis and Criticism Framework suits you.