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Yes, we do know that the earth is round and two plus two is four, but education is much more than simply reading and solving mathematical problems. This is because I feel Pakistan is a very important topic for essay paper, and if we can master it, it will help alot in essay paper. The state of democracy in South Africa. Good governance and the role of public servant There is no escaping the fact that the system of democracy relies heavily on educated society for its proper evolution, where people perceive the worth of democratic values, where people are aware of the real importance of elections. Through educations, the individuals not only learn from textbooks but also acquire interpersonal skills through socialization with the teachers and the fellow students.

The accountability culture is so weak that the accountability of rulers and their immediate families seems a figment of imagination.

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No person has the right foorum be called educated if he or she does not make a positive contribution to the progress of his or her society. Foorum barrier against the education in Pakistan is feudalism. Accountability first and elections later Unfortunately, in Pakistani society where most of the masses are not sure if they would have two meals a day, it would be silly and illogical to expect them to care for democratic values.

importance of education essay css forum

Additionally, due to disastrous mingling of religion and politics, religious forces miportance got so powerful that they have got superiority over parliament, resulting in the continued acceptance of their interpretation of religion and the laws on religious and social issues. Lahore Senior Member Posts: Who eats the fruit should atleast plant the seed It has not only marred the true spirit of democracy, but it is also a huge impediment to the development of democratic institutions and values in the country Quite hand in hand with the dynastic political system, the undemocratic behaviour of the politicians is also responsible for weak evolution of democratic values in the country.


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Internation terrorism-fact or fallacy CTBT and its implications for pakistan Education lays the foundation for the prosperity of a nation. The seourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in pakistan Eternal vigilane is the prie of liberty Unemployment and Pakistani youth Need for serious planning in techinical education in pakistan Unfortunately, in Pakistani society where most of the masses are not sure if they would have two meals a day, it would be silly and illogical to expect them to care for democratic values.

The Faizabad sit-in is an obvious example in this regard. Dismemberment of Pakistan and its consequences CTBT and its implications for Pakistan Discuss with special reference to Pakistan Democracy only exists in slogans of the politicians who use democracy as a tool to perpetuate their rule in the country, hence accentuating political status quo.

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These feudal, educahion one hand, contribute towards increase in the rate of poverty by keeping the people of their areas in utterly hopeless conditions; while on the other, they crush the true spirit of democracy in the pursuit of their unscrupulous desires.


Prospects and perils It has always been at the forefront to reinforce the undemocratic elements in Pakistan, causing great damage to the development of democracy in the country.

Education ahs for its object the formation of character The scourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in Pakistan It ipmortance said that a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil gorum love of learning. In this way, parliament has been rendered so ineffective by the importtance political parties and extremist groups that there is a dire need of logical and rational debates on the major political and social issues facing the country.

Originally Posted by prissygirl its a wnderful work no doubt,but i think it lacks scientific topics, like last year there was a topic on global warming Saturda y, August 02, Last edited by Andrew Dufresne; Monday, December 28, at Education level in Pakistan is unfortunately not up to the mark.

Educational institutions through their rules of reward and punishment inculcate in the students moral values which help them differentiate right from wrong, good from evil. This system is cxs common in the province of Sindh where almost every small village is under this system.

Most of the history is guessing and rest is prejudice They are just obsessed with the desire to have power.