If your coursework is not received by the deadline, or within 24 hours of that time, you will see a non-submission on your record. Please note that by submitting coursework online you are giving your personal certification that the content of the coursework is your own work. It is your responsibility to submit coursework in a format your instructor accepts. Submitting Kaltura Media or other media files to an assignment For students who have been asked to create or upload a video file using Kaltura Media, you first need to access Kaltura Media and upload or create your media file in your My Media area. The e-mail will be sent to your UWE e-mail address. Any text you entered in the Comments field. We recommend that you check that the mark shown in the MarkingRecord.

This is necessary for us to be able to confirm your upload attempt in the event of problems with your upload. Normally you should get marks and feedback within 20 working days excluding university closure days following the deadline for submission of the assessment. Please note that there is a 10MB limit on each item that you attempt to upload. Please note that if the course is still available to students, the filename will be a link to the document. Who can I contact for further help with submitting online?

Assessments – frequently asked questions

Return to top Zip files Please note that you can only submit one file, any submission that requires more than one file should be submitted packaged in a zip file. As your coursework should be marked without your tutor being aware who has use it, please ensure that any file you submit does not include anything which compromises this.

To protect your identity, this file will be stored as: Please allow up to 1 hour for delivery during peak times. The following actions will only be considered in cases where there is no access to critical systems defined as Blackboard, myUWE and UWE Bristol networks for more than five minutes in the final two hours before submission.


Do not enter text in the Comments text box area, unless specifically instructed to do so by your instructor.

how to submit coursework uwe

Whilst the assignment is available for submission, there will be a clickable link directly into the assignment. Late submissions Any submissions within the 24 hour window will be subject to a marks penalty.

Please note that this is guidance for submitting online through myUWE. The file upload failed. If sbmit last submission is after the deadline but within the hour late submission period, this submission will be the one marked and not any earlier versions. The date and coursewokr of your submission is taken from the Blackboard server and is recorded when your submission is complete, not when you click Submit.

Important note for Mac users: You should only submit.

how to submit coursework uwe

Apple Mac files such as. Things to be aware of before submitting. Review Submission History page When you submit an assignment in Blackboard, you will see a message on a green background at the top of the screen which states “The submission is complete.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about assessments. Where the period is greater than 20 working days, you will be informed of the deadline and the reason.

how to submit coursework uwe

Students based at Bower Ashton Campus: You should check that the file size on submiy e-mail receipt corresponds roughly with the file size as reported on your workstation. Who can I contact for further help with submitting online? It is your responsibility to download any feedback you have received through the Coursework tab before your access to UWE systems ends.


Resit Assignments – during the resit period, only the students who are resitting will see resit assignments. There are a number uws reasons why there might be differences between marks in Blackboard and myUWE, such as the outcome of an assessment offence investigation or a missed assessment or exceptional removal of a mark application, moderation or other normal changes. Normally you uws get marks and feedback within 20 working days excluding university closure days following the deadline for hhow of the assessment.

Students will be advised of the extended deadlines via messages on Blackboard, myUWE, the information screens and posters around the Coursework Hub. This can also take the form of a set of instructions for the submission of work e. You will not see any current assignments for that module. For queries about your mark or feedback – please contact your course instructor. How is this different to the myUWE Coursework tab?

The Coursework tab – UWE Bristol : Learning & Research Systems

You have already uploaded: Please note that unconfirmed marks are subject to moderation by the Examination Board, so they may still go up or down. Where there is a requirement for coursework to be submitted as a hard copy, this is usually done via submission boxes located at your campus:. The service is available between hhow If you see this message, please check the size of your file.